Kaley Cuoco's Camp Pushes Back Against Rumors That She And Karl Cook Are Headed For Divorce

Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook are apparently doing just fine, despite rumors that the celebrity couple may be headed for divorce.

This week, the actress's camp pushed back against rumors that the two were headed for a split amid constant fighting. Gossip Cop reached out to Kaley's team after the series of reports hinted that divorce could be on the horizon for she and her husband of more than a year.

The Gossip Cop story cited a previous report from Life & Style that claimed "it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see" that the couple was on shaky ground.

There didn't appear to be much substance to the divorce report, as it cited Kaley's recent revelation that she and Karl are not living in the same home as the main source for the speculation. The report then cited an unnamed source who said that the reason for the distance between Kaley and Karl is because they "clash over just about everything," saying they have very different personalities.

Kaley's camp said that the story is untrue. While Kaley and Karl are indeed living apart, it's their working situation that has created the distance and not any kind of problems in their marriage, her team told the celebrity rumor-busting site.

As The Inquisitr noted, this is not the first time that Kaley and her team have thrown cold water on the divorce reports. Last week, she took to her Instagram story to call out the report from Life & Style, noting that the outlet contacted her and her husband asking for a reply and setting a deadline for their response. Kaley shared a screenshot of the message and joked to her followers that it was a difficult call.

"We have till tomorrow to comment!!! Phew lemme ponder my response…" Kaley wrote alongside the screenshot of the message.

The new story from Gossip Cop seems to confirm this denial and provides more context about why the couple is living apart.

There have been no public signs of trouble between Kaley and Karl, who often speak glowingly of each other. Kaley frequently shares pictures and video of her husband in her Instagram feed and Instagram stories as well, showing that all appears well between them.

As Gossip Cop noted, Kaley and Karl have long been a target for tabloid speculation, with a series of reports claiming that the were headed for divorce, starting almost immediately after their marriage in summer 2018. None of these reports have been on the mark, and nearly all cited unnamed sources.