November 1, 2019
Carrie Underwood Flaunts Toned Back & Shoulders In Gym Photo

Carrie Underwood showed off her toned back and shoulders in the latest Calia by Carrie Instagram update.

In the post, Carrie was seated on a workout bench in a gym holding a pair of dumbbells. The camera captured her from behind, looking as though she was about to begin lifting weights. She wore a light green tank top that featured a sexy keyhole cutout in the back. Underneath the top, Carrie wore a black, strappy bra. She teamed up the layered look with a pair of black printed yoga pants.

Carrie looked fresh-faced in the snap, with a dewy appearance. She was wearing little, if any, makeup. She wore her hair pulled back in a high ponytail with a few tendrils hanging down on the side of her face.

Fans of the singer will remember that when Carrie isn't busy on tour, she is running her own active wear brand, called Calia by Carrie. The company has its own Instagram account where it shares photos of pieces available from the brand. The updates shared from the account usually show a variety of models wearing the apparel. Occasionally, Carrie is shown modeling clothing from the line. In fact, she recently looked chic modeling a stylish jacket with a pair of leggings.

This particular post was an advertisement for the tank top Carrie wore, although it wouldn't be a surprise if Carrie's entire outfit was from the line. While the post didn't reveal the price of the top, a quick search on the company's website showed that the item retails for $30.

A few followers left comments.

"Carrie is so dang pretty!! Like omg!" said one admirer.

Another follower thanked Carrie for being an inspiration to others when it came to fitness.

"Love the mobile gym and no excuses! Thank you for leading the path!" the fan wrote.

It is hard to tell if Carrie was in the mobile gym she uses while on tour. Photos she has shared of her personal space seem to be smaller than the area she was in on Friday's update. In May, the beauty uploaded a photo of herself working her back and shoulders in the gym while performing a dumbbell row in a plank position. That is a tough move, and it could explain how the singer manages to stay in such great shape.

Fans wanting to keep up with what Carrie is up to can check out her Instagram account.