Cardi B Leaves Little To The Imagination For 'Money Ivy' Halloween Transformation

Cardi B shared her take on the iconic DC Comics character, Poison Ivy, to celebrate Halloween. But the "Bodak Yellow" singer was wearing less clothing than Poison Ivy normally did in the comics.

In her latest photo on Instagram, the rapper's pelvis was almost completely exposed, save for a tiny smattering of leaves over her private parts that seems almost painted on. She also wore a bustier top that was covered in a leafy motif as well. As for her legs, they were mostly encased in shiny, green thigh-high boots. She was also wearing matching elbow-length gloves.

But even though her costume was very eye-grabbing, the star of the entire ensemble was undoubtedly the floor-length fiery red wig.

In the comments, fans raved about the photo. Several commenters seemed entranced by Cardi's extremely trim physique.

"That abs line," one fan wrote in a comment that starts with a flurry of fire emoji.

"Poison me, queen, no charges would be pressed," another fan added.

"Okay but u officially won Halloween," a third Instagram user commented.

"You can poison me any day..." a fourth said.

The photo accumulated more than 1 million likes in the first hour after being posted. In her previous photo, Cardi called her depiction, Money Ivy, a clear reference to her hit song "Money" which had been released last year. In that photo, she was lying on the floor with her back to the camera while the thick red hair wrapped around her torso.

On Twitter, a fan asked Cardi whether or not the hair had been photoshopped to make her main look longer and she denied that concept.

"Post the video sis, so they know it's real," her hairstylist, Tokyo Stylez, wrote in the comment sections of one of the photos on Instagram. Fans expressed a lot of excitement about the prospect of video evidence of the super-long wig. However, Cardi B didn't hint when she'd be releasing the clip.

Cardi isn't the only rapper who recently dressed up as a character from the DC Universe. As The Inquisitr reported, Nicki Minaj recently shared photos on Instagram in which she was wearing a Harley Quinn costume. Nicki's husband, Kenneth Petty, also made an appearance as The Joker.

The fact that Nicki and Cardi chose characters from the same universe is ironic given they had a very public feud last year. It culminated in Cardi throwing a shoe at the "Megatron" rapper at the Harper's Bazaar Icons party during New York Fashion Week.