‘Jurassic Park 4’ Director Remains A Secret

Which director will tackle Jurassic Park 4? Even the film’s crew isn’t sure at the moment.

Although folks are being hired to bring the sequel to the big screen, employees aren’t being told who is going to direct the highly-anticipated follow-up.

A number of rumors are currently circulating about who will take the reins of Jurassic Park 4. One popular theory being shopped around is that acclaimed filmmaker Steven Spielberg will return to the franchise. However, nothing has been officially confirmed just yet.

Although many believe that Spielberg could return for the sequel, the director said in a recent interview that he was no longer interested in tackling big-budget action films. Of course, the filmmaker could very easily change his mind under the right circumstances.

“I knew I could do the action in my sleep at this point in my career. In my life, the action doesn’t attract me anymore,” Spielberg told 60 Minutes.

The Minority Report director will reportedly produce Jurassic Park 4. The film is slated to arrive in June of next year. Keep in mind this date could always change at the drop of a hat.

During her chat with IFC earlier this year, Jurassic Park star Laura Dern discussed her involvement with the sequel. Although she seemed interested in returning, the actress said she was waiting to see what happens with the project.

“I know a little and it’s been ever-changing. It’s been evolving for many years as Steven has been considering it so that’s all I can say right now. Oh, I don’t know. We’ll see what they do.,” Laura Dern said.

While fans are waiting for the next sequel to arrive, they can quench their thirst for dinosaur-related action when Jurassic Park 3D arrives in theaters on April 5. A trailer for the re-release has been included below.

Are you looking forward to Jurassic Park 4? Who do you think will direct the film?