‘General Hospital’ Finally Drops A Bombshell With A Wild Nikolas Cassadine Recast

Rebecca SappGetty Images

General Hospital spoilers have been teasing for months now that the character of Nikolas Cassadine might soon return to Port Charles, and it seems he finally has. While fans have been speculating for some time now that Nik would still be alive, it wasn’t until the end of Thursday’s show that it was seemingly confirmed. Sadly, this final scene also provided a confirmation that Tyler Christopher would not be back as the core Cassadine family member.

Ava Jerome has been rattled for some time now over feeling that she was being followed and watched. General Hospital fans have felt certain it would turn out to be Nikolas who was keeping an eye on her, and the big reveal finally came.

Throughout Thursday’s show, breadcrumbs were dropped, appearing to confirm this would either be Nikolas, an aged Spencer Cassadine, or a mystery Cassadine family member. At the end of the Halloween episode, Ava confronted the man and made him take off his mask. When he did, she gasped and said Nik’s name.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t actor Tyler Christopher behind the mask. General Hospital fans had been vocal in noting they wanted Tyler to return, but there were rumors swirling that the show had gone the recast route instead. There were a few names making the rounds of potential actors who might have been brought in to start playing Nikolas, but the show went in a direction few anticipated.

Among the names that had been tossed out as Nikolas recast options, many General Hospital fans wanted to see Nick Stabile return. He was the last actor in the role as the version of Nikolas who got quite frisky with Ava, and some GH viewers think that this new Nik was indeed Stabile. However, that is not the case either.

The actor isn’t anybody known to soap fans, and some General Hospital viewers noted that he looks too young to be Nikolas. According to soap fans on Twitter, it seems that the actor tackling this big recast is someone named Marcus Coloma.

Coloma’s IMDb page reveals that he has been acting for quite some time, but General Hospital viewers would not necessarily recognize him or immediately know his name. This initial glance at the new Nikolas suggests that the actor is too young, but in reality, it seems that Coloma is actually just about the right age.

Will General Hospital fans give this Nikolas Cassadine recast a chance to impress them? As much as people are sad that Tyler Christopher isn’t back, it looks as if viewers are intrigued to learn more about Marcus Coloma as he settles into the role.