Gwen Stefani, 50, Flaunts Legs In Fishnets And Short Fringed Skirt In Vegas

Gwen Stefani flaunted her legs in a short skirt in her latest Instagram post that also features Martyn Lawrence Bullard.

The Voice judge delighted her 9.2 million Instagram followers when she reposted a picture of herself posing with the prominant English interior designer. In the image, Stefani rocked one of the glamorous outfits she wears during her Las Vegas Show. Bullard held one of Stefani's fishnet-clad legs up, which showed off her intricate, white and floral, high-heeled, cowgirl boots as well as her killer gams.

Stefani's matching short blue skirt with gold beaded fringe barely maintained her modesty in the fun-spirited pose. Her white button-down shirt featured the same flowers as her boots and skirt, as well as a longer version of the beaded fringe. The "Just A Girl" singer's blonde hair was styled straight and pulled back in a high ponytail with a bump upfront. Stefani's bright red lipstick accented her huge smile in the picture, her eyes featured black eyeliner and mascara and her accessories included small earrings.

In the original post, Bullard called Stefani's Las Vegas show a must-see, and when she reposted the upload, Stefani added her thanks to the designer for making the trip to Vegas to attend her performance.

Fans showed their love for Stefani, with nearly 7,000 hitting the "like" button in less than an hour of being uploaded. Dozens of admirers left positive comments to praise the talented singer, appreciating her glamorous show look, and expressing their surprise at her age. Stefani celebrated her 50th birthday earlier in October.

"That's awesome! So happy for you that you have been enjoying your 'Just A Girl' shows! Love you, Gwen," noted a fan of the "Hollaback Girl" singer.

"I honestly thought that you weren't older than 30," noted another fan who was surprised by Stefani's youthful looks.

Some fans of Stefani and her relationship with country music singer Black Shelton worried that he might be jealous of Stefani's familiar pose with Bullard. After all, as, The Inquisitr reported, Stefani and Shelton expect to get married within a year. The two have dated for the past four years, and they currently work together as judges on the popular NBC show, The Voice.

"Stop doing that. Blake won't like that," admonished one worried follower.

Other followers wondered if the designer had been doing some work for Stefani on the new house she and Shelton are planning.

"Martyn Bullard, are you doing the interior design on Gwen and Blake's new house?" asked one.