Texas Beauty Hope Beel Lifts Wooden Weights In Bikini For 'Flinstone Feels'

Hope Beel put her curves — and her strength — on display Thursday in her latest Instagram update in which she lifted wooden weights while wearing a bikini.

The post was a video showing Hope lifting the weights in an outdoor workout area in Tulum, Mexico. The video began with Hope flaunting her front and back sides for the camera before flexing her bicep muscle and flashing a big smile with a wink.

Hope's black bikini featured a halter top with a crisscross strap in the back. The top also had a sheer section in the front, showing a peek of her cleavage. The bottoms were a classic bikini style with a ruched seam down the center back that accentuated her booty.

The video showed Hope performing a bent over row with a barbell, focusing on her back. The camera slowly panned around Hope as she lifted the barbell. A close-up of her back revealed grains of sand on her skin as her muscles flexed lifting the barbell.

Another portion of the video showed Hope performing a combination exercise that involved an overhead press with a knee lift and a backward lunge. With bare feet on the sandy wooden floor, Hope looked amazing as she exercised.

The video was also an advertisement for Redline energy drinks. At several points throughout the video, Hope could be seen sipping the drink from a bottle.

Hope looked to be wearing a light application of makeup, and she wore her hair pulled back in a ponytail.

In the post's caption, she plugged the drink while making a joke about lifting wooden weights giving her followers feels for the Flinstones.

Her fans loved the video and told her so. Many followers left behind fire and smiley face emoji, but some were a little more expressive.

"Looking absolutely beautiful and sexy," one admirer wrote.

Other fans took notice of her commitment to fitness and lifting weights.

"Queen of bodybuilding!!!" a second follower wrote.

"Perfect example of dedication," said a third fan.

"More women need to lift weights. So good for the body. You are an inspiration and gorgeous," commented a fourth follower.

It does seem like Hope looks gorgeous in everything she wears. She recently showed off her figure in an orange bikini. Just last week, she uploaded another video that showed her working on her fit physique.

Fans wanting to see more of Hope can check out her Instagram account.