October 31, 2019
Ariel Winter Dazzles In Braless Glitter Outfit For Halloween Throwback: 'Me As Pamela Anderson'

Ariel Winter shared an Instagram throwback of herself from last Halloween, channeling blond bombshell Pamela Anderson. The Modern Family actress looked nearly unrecognizable with her light-haired look and she nailed looking like the legendary model and Baywatch actress.

Ariel looked absolutely dazzling. The star was rocking a silver sequined crop top paired with a matching lower piece. The camera had cut Ariel off around the thigh, although a report from Pop Culture covering Ariel's 2018 Halloween look confirmed her ensemble included a skirt. Ariel went for a braless look, although the cleavage she displayed wasn't anywhere near what Anderson has shown over the years. The outfit showed off Ariel's slim waist and flat stomach and its plunging neckline also did wonders for Ariel's assets.

Most striking was Ariel's blond hair, which is her natural color. The actress has made headlines for switching to raven locks, but seeing Ariel with platinum blond hair is a rarity. Ariel wore her blond hair down in full bombshell mode while also sporting a full face of makeup. She wore foundation and pink blush, statement cat-wing eyeliner, heavy eyeshadow, and a nude lip color. Also adding to the look was a painted-on, barbed wire tattoo. Pamela got herself inked with a similar tattoo back in 1995 before working to remove it many years later.

Ariel faced the camera in her first image, then posed in semi-profile for her second. In the latter, her makeup was more visible, showing plenty of glossy cheek highlighting, while her cleavage made a little more of an appearance.

A caption from Ariel sent her fans good wishes for Halloween. It also mentioned Instagram's "Throwback Thursday" trend via a hashtag, as well as confirming that Ariel had dressed up as Pamela Anderson. The caption closed by asking fans to share their Halloween plans and costumes.

Fans have been replying by the masses. Interestingly, some fans thought that Ariel looked like Britney Spears.

"I was thinking Brittany [sic] Spears lol," one fan wrote.

"I thought Britney Spears," another added.

That said, plenty of users replied, stating that they felt Ariel had aced her Pamela Anderson look.

"Much, much better than the original," a user told the star.

"Pamela Anderson never looked this hot!" a second fan exclaimed.

Ariel is not the only celebrity to have dressed up as Pamela Anderson. Kim Kardashian has done it with BFF Jonathan Cheban dressed as Tommy Lee. Ariel's 2018 costume also came as a duo deal with now-ex Levi Meaden channeling Lee, but Ariel didn't include a photo of her ex-boyfriend on Thursday.