'Boy Meets World' Star Maitland Ward Wears Black Lingerie And Thrills Instagram Fans With 'Happy Halloween'

Maitland Ward, who starred in the 1990s sitcom Boy Meets World, took to Instagram this morning wearing a sexy outfit and wished her followers a happy Halloween.

Ward, who gained notoriety recently by starring in the adult feature film Drive, shared a post that had video and an image of herself this morning. In the video, Ward wears a lacy black bra that wraps around her neck and offers a view of her generous cleavage. She pairs that with matching lace underwear that sits low on her hips, and accentuates her flat stomach and curvaceous hips. Her red hair falls in waves to her shoulders, and the porn star wears a green headband with two jack-o-lanterns attached to it with long springs. Thigh-high orange-and-black striped stockings complete the Halloween look. On her face, Ward wears shimmery eyeshadow and a deep red lipstick, which highlights her features.

In the clip, Ward holds her phone, and she moves her hips back and forth and says, "Happy Halloween, everyone." A slide to the right shows the 42-year-old wearing the same outfit with her leg bent and her foot on the vanity. Her elbow rests on her knee as she smiles and snaps the old-school selfie in the bathroom mirror.

Ward's 853,000 followers on the popular social media platform expressed their love of the Halloween morning post with more than 16,000 hitting the "like" button in the first hour after it went live. Plus, well over 300 fans also took the time to reply in the comments section, and many wished her happy holiday.

"Waking up to the best Halloween post I will see today! Fantastic!" wrote a pleased follower.

"This is the most beautiful Halloween I have seen. Paradise. Love it. Lol. Kisses," another happy fan replied.

"Maitland Ward, fancy trick or treating to my place tonight?" asked a third.

"Just tell me where the Party is at. You are looking so freakin sexy!!!" replied a fourth.

Many followers also made puns about trick-or-treating, given the nature of the holiday. The Inquisitr previously reported that Ward dressed up as Snow White doing the walk of shame earlier this week, which was a hit with her fans, too.

In her Instagram story, Ward shared another video of herself wearing the sexy Halloween morning lingerie, and she shakes her hips with her foot on the counter, which shows off the full length of her festive striped stockings. The jack-o-lanterns on her headband bounce as she moves.