Model Pamela Alexandra Shows Fans Her Messy Hair And Incredibly Revealing Outfit

Pamela AlexandraInstagram

Instagram model Pamela Alexandra is showing off her incredibly revealing outfit — and the messy hair that goes along with it.

The well-proportioned model took to the social media site this week to share a video of herself rocking an almost impossibly small blue top and matching high-waisted skirt, an outfit that just barely kept her covered enough to stay within the site’s strict rules against overt nudity. In the Instagram video, Pamela laments on her tousled and messy hair, with her curls bouncing as she adjusts the outfit to give fans a closer glimpse.

The video seemed to be part two to an Instagram picture that Pamela shared earlier in the week, one that showed her sitting in a big, comfy chair and showing off the revealing outfit. Pamela joked in the caption that she “finally” found a chair she can fit in.

The remark made reference to her famously curvy physique, and the picture (and the subsequent video) showed off an outfit that Pamela modeled for the clothing brand Pretty Little Thing. Alexandra is never lacking for modeling work, as her Instagram feed shows her wearing revealing outfits and skimpy swimwear for a number of different brands. She seems particularly adept at modeling some of the “curvy” collections, helping to reach an important niche and likely earning herself some very nice revenue in the meantime.

Pamela has been part of a growing industry trend toward models who are proud of themselves and happy with their curvier physique. A fashion industry insider told Business Insider that models like Pamela Alexandra come into the industry with an entirely different attitude.

“For the plus-size girls, they have to learn early on to love themselves for who they are, love the curves, the cellulite and the jiggle, and even though it’s not easy to hear a client muttering about it as a negative aspect on a casting, you have to take it on the chin and just move on,” said the unnamed insider. “But there are lots of fragile egos still out there.”

Pamela Alexandra has certainly shown a willingness to poke fun at herself and her modeling work, as the recent photo about her “finally” fitting into a chair showed. She frequently posts humorous videos to connect with her 2.7 million followers, and speaks out about how she learned to accept and embrace her outside-the-norm physique in an industry that once had very rigid standards for how a model must look.