82 Percent Of Democrats & 12 Percent Of Republicans Support Donald Trump’s Impeachment, Latest Poll Shows

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A poll released Thursday suggests that support for the impeachment of President Donald Trump is steady, particularly among Democratic voters amid the current impeachment proceedings against him.

Forty percent of those surveyed said they approved – either strongly or somewhat – of the president’s job performance, compared to 57 percent of those surveyed who said they disapproved – also either strongly or somewhat – of the 45th president’s job in office. The president’s disapproval rate is higher than it was when the same poll was conducted earlier in October.

On the impeachment front, 47 percent of all individuals surveyed said that President Trump should be impeached, while 41 percent said that he should not be impeached by the House. The poll did not go so far as to ask whether he should be removed by the Senate following a trial.

The poll, released Thursday by Reuters/Ipsos, shows that support for the president has continued to decline amid recent scandals, which has included the president’s July call with Ukraine and his actions in the sudden withdrawal of U.S. troops in Syria.

The survey was conducted earlier this week – between October 28 and 29 – and sampled 1,114 Americans, which included some 973 registered voters, 459 of those being registered Democrats and 393 of them being registered Republicans. Eighty-one people surveyed said that they were registered as Independent.

In addition to the typical poll questions, regarding support for the president’s impeachment to asking about approval rating, the pollsters also asked Americans whether they thought the United States was on the “right track” or on the “wrong track.” As a whole, a majority of Americans surveyed – 57 percent – said that they believed the country was heading in the wrong direction. That number was 1 percent higher when the non-voters were excluded from the results.

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When broken down by political affiliation, the contrast was stark. Eighty-six percent of registered Democrats surveyed believed that the country is heading in the wrong direction, while just 25 percent of Republicans said they felt the same way. Sixty-five percent of Republicans went as far as to say they thought that the United States was on the right track, while just 9 percent of Democratic voters agreed with that sentiment. Sixty-six percent of Independent voters said they, too, believed the country was heading the wrong way, compared to 19 percent of them who said it was heading in the right direction.

According to polling aggregator RealClearPolitics, Trump’s approval rating has fallen amid the recent impeachment inquiry when looking at recent polls from several different sources. About 43 percent of Americans approve of the president’s handling of his job, while more than 53 percent of those surveyed said they disapproved of his performance.

The president has continued to insist that he has done nothing wrong, often taking to Twitter to profess his innocence, accusing Democrats and the news media of a “witch hunt” against him. The president has largely centered his attacks toward House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Adam Schiff, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. On Thursday, the president urged his twitter followers to “READ THE TRANSCRIPT!,” seemingly referring to the summarized transcript of the July Ukraine call that the White House released in September.

The House is expected to take a vote later Thursday in order to formalize the impeachment inquiry, as The Inquisitr previously reported.