Tori Spelling’s Husband Dean McDermott Says ‘Monogamy Is Hard’ After 13-Year Marriage, Cheating Scandal

Amy SussmanGetty Images

Dean McDermott says it’s hard to remain monogamous. In a new interview, the husband of Tori Spelling admitted that he still struggles with monogamy 13 years into his marriage because it feels unnatural to him.

McDermott, who regularly dishes intimate details about his personal life with the BH90210 star on his Daddy Issues podcast, told Us Weekly that it takes a lot of work to remain faithful.

“Monogamy is hard for, I guess, several reasons — for wanting that initial lust that we have intrinsically built into us. Men, we’re like, we need to spread our seed everywhere. It’s [been] in our DNA for millions and millions of years. There’s that, but then there’s also, ‘Oh, God. This relationship is work.’ And it is. Every relationship is work and when you get to that point, you can’t bail. You’ve gotta knuckle under and work it out.”

McDermott added that that being married “under a microscope” makes things even more difficult. The 52-year-old actor and former Chopped Canada host noted that he has been in the spotlight for 15 years and his wife has been famous ever since she was a kid. The dad of six said he and his wife now have a “really thick skin” when it comes to their not-so-private life.

In 2013, McDermott’s struggles with monogamy were put to the test when he made headlines for a cheating scandal that took place while he was working in Canada. While he was living away from his wife and kids, the actor reportedly had an affair with a Canadian woman named Emily Goodhand.

McDermott and Spelling documented their marital drama months later on the Lifetime reality show True Tori. The actor admitted in the new Us interview that he wasn’t sure that people were prepared to see such raw emotion on reality TV.

While he said he had hoped True Tori would help other couples in similar situations, McDermott feels the show was “a little too before its time.”

“I don’t think people were ready for that kind of reality,” he said.

Still, the show helped him and his wife get into therapy faster and it sped up the process of dealing with the aftermath of Dean’s affair because they were doing a TV show around it.

Earlier this year, McDermott reflected on his monogamy issues while speaking on the first episode of his Daddy Issues podcast with co-hosts Adam Hunter and Nicky Paris.

During a discussion about cheating, McDermott opened up about why he strayed, according to Too Fab. The actor said his cheating had nothing to do with Spelling and that it was more about “inadequacies” with himself.

McDermott and Spelling met while filming a TV movie in 2005. While they were both married to other people at the time, the two began an affair, divorced their spouses, and married each other the following year. They share five kids — Liam, 12, Stella, 11, Hattie, 8, Finn, 7, and Beau, 2. McDermott also has a son, Jack, 21, with his ex-wife, Mary Jo Eustace.