October 31, 2019
Kate Beckinsale Wears Nothing But A Towel While Cuddling With Her Cat On Instagram

Kate Beckinsale's Tuesday Instagram update was dedicated to the actress cuddling with her cat while wearing nothing but a towel. The post has been racking up insane views, having garnered over 480,000 since being posted 15 hours ago. The video was posted after Kate was forced to evacuate her home due to the wildfires in California. The actress has kept her 3.5 million followers abreast of her situation.

"We are safe. Thank you so much to everyone who checked in," Kate previously wrote.

"Sending love and hope to everyone else who walked out of their house at 3 am to this, love and admiration to the @losangelesfiredepartment and most of all to David and Dorothy who didn't need to remember in the middle of the night that I can't drive but did. And to everyone who has offered me a place to stay despite my rolling with four animals including an epileptic cat. Angel people. So grateful x," she added.

In her latest video, Kate was lying in bed with one of her cats. The actress was on top of white bedsheets and her body was covered by a white towel. The 46-year-old was on her back as she cozied up to her feline and stroked its little face in a tender moment. Speaking to People Magazine back in April, the star revealed that she had two cats, Willow and Clive. According to The Daily Mail, Kate's companion in her latest post was her female cat, Willow.

Kate appeared to be holding her smartphone with her right hand as her left was seen patting Willow. Not much of Kate was shown in the video, which was all about Willow. Willow who was bundled into a white towel and covered except for her face, although it was a different story for the actress, who was barely covered and showed off some serious leg. You can check out the video below.

Kate didn't confirm where she was at the time of recording the video, but the important thing is that she and her pets are safe.

A caption from Kate mentioned that "both" she and her cat were "doing well."

She also mentioned having "[missed]" National Cat Day on Tuesday.

Fan comments largely wished Kate all the best. Some fans gushed over how adorable Kate's cat was, while others eyed up the star's legs. Regardless, the response was an overwhelmingly positive one with more than 1,500 fans taking to the comments section.