Pauline Tantot Wears Nothing But A Scrunchie In Sultry New Instagram Pic

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Pauline Tantot kept things rolling on her social media with a brand new set of Instagram stories. These revealed a photo where the model went completely nude, wearing nothing but a scrunchie in her hair. She was posing sitting down against a white wall. Pauline looked down with her eyes closed and pouted for the shot. She pulled her hair back in a high ponytail and secured it with a gray scrunchie.

The Instagram sensation also wrapped her arms around herself, effectively censoring her chest. Meanwhile, she propped her knees up and curved her lower back slightly. Pauline’s only visible accessory was an earring in her right ear, while she also sported a French manicure. No doubt that this shot will catch many of her fans’ attention, considering that she was exposing so much skin.

The model then proceeded to showcase a series of events as she headed to a tattoo shop for some new ink. She shared a photo of the well-decorated shop, which included tons of framed artwork on the walls.

“Let’s get one more tattoo @konstantin_noskos,” read the caption.

The following update was all about the finished product. It turned out that Pauline got a tattoo in cursive, which read “I’m gonna live like” on her left hand, and “tomorrow doesn’t exist” on her right hand. She also shared a short clip of the tattoo artist working, as she noted the following.

“The most painful that I have but love it @konstantin_noskos,” she wrote.

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The tattoo artist, Konstantin, notes in his Instagram bio that he’s located in Los Angeles. His entire feed appears to be black-and-white, as he likely specializes in this style of tattooing. Plus, it appears that he’s known for his lettering, with a couple of his recent posts revealing tattoos with block writing.

And this isn’t to mention that in the nude photo, some of Pauline’s older tattoos could be seen. There are several on her left hand, including one on her middle finger. The model’s tattoo near her elbow and on her left forearm could be spotted, too.

But even with all of the ink, she still has a lot of space left for tattoos. Because for now, she doesn’t have any on her midriff or upper thighs. Plus, the tattoos she has so far seem to be small, rather than being illustrative and taking up a lot of space.

And for fans who can’t seem to get enough, check out Pauline’s other post where she rocked a tiny bikini.