Fitness Model Ainsley Rodriguez Flaunts Chiseled Abs As She Trains Her Shoulders In New Video

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Fitness model Ainsley Rodriguez is has released a new workout on her Instagram page and it’s all about training the shoulders.

In the clip, the Latina fitness model wears a white sports bra and matching leggings as she goes through a circuit that includes dumbbell punches with squats, alternating upward presses, and “L” raises designed to target both the front and side deltoids.

The model/fitness trainer’s caption includes tips for how these workouts should be done.

“SHOULDER burnoutttt! I like to do these for time instead of reps. Blast some music, jam out and wait for the clock to stop!!” she wrote. “Perform these as a superset with each move back to back for 45 seconds and rest for 15 seconds after each set!”

Ainsley’s fans cheered her on from the comments.

“Omg you seriously look amazing!!” one follower wrote.

“Awesome job omg you are so phenomenal!” another gushed. “Keep going gorgeous”

“You are so amazing and inspiring and awesome much love to you,” a third Instagram user raved.

“I like your workout videos,” a fourth fan added.

Informative workout video posts have become a signature feature of Ainsley’s Instagram page. She uploads them regularly and often focuses on a specific part of the body in each one. As The Inquisitr reported, yesterday, she posted a video series in which she’s using a resistance band to train her core, all while wearing a skimpy pink bikini. The post currently has more than 25,000 views and over 550 comments.

Working out in a bikini is nothing new for the Miami-based model. She recently uploaded a glute-focused workout while wearing a bright yellow two-piece swimsuit, much to the delight of her followers. Those followers flooded the comments section with appreciative emoji and expressions of gratitude for the workout tips. The video series has racked up 27,000 views and more than 650 comments since it was posted.

While a lot of her video content focuses on strength or resistance training, Ainsley posted a video of herself three days ago doing a sweat-inducing boxing routine. During the clip, the petite powerhouse fired off a round of punches and managed to sprinkle in some jump squats in between rounds. In the caption, she admitted that cardio isn’t a big part of her fitness routine but conceded that she tries to work in at least 30 minutes of heart-accelerating physical activity per week.

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????QUICK 15 MIN Sunday @fightcamp_ workout! . New look, same great workouts! ???? . I don’t do much cardio (and by ‘much’ I mean none ???? lol) which is why I enjoy mixing it up and adding 15-30mins of boxing to my weekly weight lifting routine as my form of cardio! . I grew up dancing, got introduced to the ‘gym’ at about 16 years of age and then got introduced to boxing when I was 20 and have been doing it on and off for a few years. The workouts are short and effective so they fit perfectly into my schedule and being able to do them in the comfort of my own home is a huge plus! (Plus boxing totally makes you feel like a bad a** ????)! . I get bored SO easily so it’s imperative that I’m constantly switching things up! This is what my week usually looks like! ???????? . 4 days of weight training in the gym (45mins-1hour) 1 dance class / week 3 15-30 min boxing sessions / week (on my 45 min lifting days I’ll toss in a 15 min boxing session with Fight Camp to complete my workout for that day) . #FightCamp #SundayFunday

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