‘The Challenge: War Of The Worlds 2’ Star Georgia Harrison Bares Cleavage In Gold Bikini Ahead Of Show

Stuart C. WilsonGetty Images

British reality TV star Georgia Harrison, who is on this season’s edition of MTV’s The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2, shared a picture of herself in a gold bikini along with some song lyrics on Instagram, ahead of her stunning elimination from the show.

In the post, Harrison wears a shiny, ribbed gold halter-style bikini top that barely contains her chest. Fans were treated to a generous glimpse of her sunkissed cleavage, thanks to the picture’s angle and the top’s tiny design. Her flat stomach is visible, as are a pair of matching bikini bottoms peeking out from beneath low-slung black sweatpants with pockets. The bikini bottoms wrap up around her waist, highlighting her hourglass curves.

Light pink lipstick accentuats the model’s full lips, and her cheeks shimmered with highlighter and bronzer. For her eyes, the reality TV star wears mascara and a light amount of eyeliner. Her blond highlighted hair falls in gentle waves over her shoulders as she looks off to the side.

Harrison’s 882,000-plus followers on the popular social media platform loved the post, with more than 13,500 hitting the “like” button in support. The numbers surged shortly after her unexpected elimination from tonight’s episode of The Challenge. Almost 300 fans also dropped comments in the reply section, praising the sexy look.

“Goddess as always. How’s you’re week going so far?” asked one fan who left a heart kiss emoji with the reply.

Harrison replied to the follower with a series of four heart emoji. Throughout the post, she left heart emoji replies to people who left comments.

“I read every single one of your posts in your British accent for some reason,” wrote another.

“A lot of people do this, haha,” Harrison replied.

Once the show aired, and viewers learned Harrison got eliminated, several used her post to express their displeasure that she got the boot tonight.

“YOU ARE AMAZING!! An absolute beast! That nasty troll Kayleigh will get her karma. You were a pleasure to watch this season and can’t wait to see you on future challenges!!” one fan wrote.

“Great advice to Joss on tonight’s Challenge MTV episode! And I’m sorry that his decision to put you in elimination was based on future decisions of the challenges. I hope to see you soon and fitter than ever! @georgialouiseharrison. I know this game changes you because of the strengths,” replied another.

Following the episode, Harrison did not update her Instagram stories immediately. However, the song lyrics she posted in the caption promising never to break anyone’s heart let fans know she is coping well with how things turned out.