October 30, 2019
Ben Affleck Lost $60K Gambling In 40 Minutes The Night He Fell Off The Wagon, Report Claims

Ben Affleck did more than just fall off the wagon at a Hollywood party last weekend, a new report claims.

Last Saturday night, Affleck was seen stumbling after leaving the UNICEF Masquerade Ball in West Hollywood, prompting concern that the recovering alcoholic had relapsed. Now, a new report from In Touch Weekly fills in some of the blanks from later in the night, with a source claiming that the actor lost tens of thousands of dollars gambling at the Commerce casino in a matter of minutes.

The source said that Affleck, who has struggled with gambling in the past, was losing so much money that it attracted attention from the other guests at the casino.

"I watched him lose $60,000 in 40 minutes," the source said. "Everyone was staring at him; they couldn't believe it. He refused to fold, so people were just taking his money!"

While he was losing the money, Affleck reportedly looked intoxicated to the other gamblers.

"Ben was so obviously drunk," a separate source told In Touch Weekly. "His hair was really messed up, he was having trouble walking and talking and his eyes were half-closed. He looked so sleepy and tired … I tried to talk to him at one point, but he was incoherent. He just threw his arms up in the air and walked away!"

The source went on to say that Ben's new lady friend, Katie Cherry, was reduced to playing babysitter as she had to hold his cash while he gambled throughout the night.

The alleged relapse came close to one year after Ben Affleck completed a 30-day rehab stint and appeared to be getting his life back in order. Affleck had the support of ex-wife Jennifer Garner, both as he went to rehab and in the months that followed, as the two remained close while they co-parented their children.

That seemed to fall apart in very public fashion last week, as Affleck's apparent drinking behind closed doors at the celebrity gala became public fodder after he was caught on camera looking visibly intoxicated. A camera crew from TMZ caught up with Affleck on the street as he left the party, still wearing a Halloween mask and bracing himself on a car as he nearly stumbled into the street. Affleck did not respond to questions from the camera crew and later got into a car with a woman who previously had been helping him to stand.