George Michael’s Ex Fadi Fawaz Goes On Bizarre Rant, Alleges The Singer Didn’t Write His Own Music And Had HIV

Vittorio Zunino CelottoGetty Images

George Michael‘s ex, Fadi Fawaz, has gone on a Twitter rant claiming, among other things, that the famous singer didn’t write his own music and was HIV-positive. According to Metro, the unsubstantiated claims made against the singer also include an admission that he smoked crack.

Fawaz has previously gone on several Twitter rants since Michael died, usually claiming to have been hacked after posting the allegations. However, this time, Fawaz has stated via his verified Twitter account that he has not been hacked and that the words are his own.

Over a series of tweets, Fadi, 46, claims that Michael hired others to write his songs.

“He never wrote his own music he paid other people to make the music for him and pretended it was him. Not so talented after all.”

Other tweets state that George Michael was HIV-positive and that the pair found out after the singer recovered from an illness while they were visiting Vienna.

Fans started questioning the tweets, with several noting that it was likely that Fawaz would later claim he had been hacked and that the words were not his own. In response to this, Fawaz sent out a tweet that included an image of himself and claimed that everything written recently on his account was his own words.

After this tweet, Fawaz then went on to claim that Michael smoked crack during their relationship.

“Towards the end, George [Michael] smoked his crack using an Evian bottle,” Fawaz tweeted.

“Friday night David and I would go to London so he could smoke crack and have escorts over Sunday night would come home to Goring he would be still at it. So sad.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Michael left his property to his sisters after his death and did not include Fawaz in his will at all. Rumors have circulated that Michael’s family was concerned that Fawaz would eventually speak bad of the singer, especially if they evicted him from Michael’s house at Regent Park.

Fawaz was eventually evicted from the property and is now reportedly sleeping rough, according to Metro. In July, he was arrested after being found squatting in George’s house. He was released the next morning after being initially charged with aggravated criminal damage.

Fawaz was dating Michael at the time of his death on December 25, 2016. However, Fawaz was not present when Michael died. According to the coroner’s report, Michael’s cause of death is listed as complications as a result of heart and liver disease.