Fitness Model Lisa Morales Shows Off Toned Booty In Gray Leggings As She Squats On A Bosu Ball

Lisa Morales Instagram

Lisa Morales is showing that “practice makes perfect” in her new workout video on Instagram. In the clip, viewers get a side-by-side comparison shot of the Latina fitness model as she works out with a Bosu ball. The video on the left shows Lisa struggling to find her balance and eventually falling off. In the video on the right, she balances her enviable physique quickly and then does a couple of deep squats.

In her caption, Lisa revealed that she practiced for two months before she was able to successfully stabilize herself on the wobbly piece of exercise equipment.

“Even though I’ve been training for many years, sometimes I forget how important it is to challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone,” she said before challenging her fans to do the exercise themselves.

In the comments section, Lisa also encouraged her fans to tag her in videos of themselves on the Bosu ball and to include “#lisabosuchallenge” in their posts.

Some fans expressed that they’d previously tried and failed at working out on the Bosu ball just like she did.

“I tried it and I couldn’t balance whatsoever!” one fan wrote. “Lol, I need to keep practicing!”

That fan wasn’t the only one who felt encouraged by Lisa’s videos.

“Look at you!!” another commenter added. “Now I need to do the challenge.”

“Yes! This is awesome! We challenge to make each other better!” a third person wrote.

“Get it miss gorgeous,” a fourth follower gushed.

The video she shared of herself struggling on the ball is from a longer clip that she shared on Instagram in early September. In the clip, you can see the aftermath of her fall as she gets back up and tries again, managing to eventually do some shallow squats. The video has about 93,000 views and more than 300 comments.

But squats aren’t the only workouts she has shared with her Instagram followers. As The Inquisitr reported, in a previous clip, she demonstrated how to do leg and booty-building exercises at a weight machine. Unlike her most recent video, none of these exercises are squats as she opted to do weighted lunges, one-legged deadlifts, and more. In the caption, she asked fans for suggestions for other exercises they’d like to, though most of them seemed to busy complimenting her to notice the question.

The video currently has over 152,000 views with over 550 comments.

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