Miranda Lambert Shares Shirtless Video Of Her Hot Husband While Having Fun With Filters

Jason DavisGetty Images

Country music superstar Miranda Lambert had some fun on Instagram with a silly filter and a shirtless video of her husband, New York City policeman Brendan McLoughlin.

Lambert teased her upcoming Wildcard album release on November 1 with a light-hearted clip of her husband with her song, “It All Comes Out In The Wash,” playing in the background.

The video begins with a peek through a bathroom door, and the singer’s shirtless husband was visible. The policeman has his back to the camera as he stands in front of the sink wearing a pair of black jeans and a matching black belt along with a gold chain that features a cross pendant.

Lambert asks him what he was doing, and he turns around, not realizing she has her camera on him. As soon as McLoughlin faces the camera, the filter Lambert uses causes sunglasses and a red bandana to appear on his face. He briefly looks irritated as Lambert giggles, and then McLoughlin breaks out into a huge grin.

The “Way Too Pretty For Prison” singer’s 3.7 million Instagram followers loved her post, and more than 114,000 of them hit the “like” button. Plus, nearly 500 left comments with many followers expressing how much they enjoyed seeing the moment between the newlywed couple. Lambert and McLoughlin got married earlier this year after meeting last November when Lambert and her band performed on Good Morning America.

“Omg lol! It’s funny in the meet and greets when your security guy tells us that half of us will be searched by him, and half will be searched by Brendan. Half of the women are [smile emoji], and half are [sad emoji],” one follower replied.

“The Lord did real good with that one,” another noted of Lambert’s husband.

“He’s So Fine!!!! I’M SO Freaking Happy for you, Miranda!!!!!! Happy album release,” gushed a third fan.

In her Instagram story, Lambert revealed how she found the filter on her Instagram app. She shared a clip of the filter on a video of herself, and she also posted it on Instagram, which her followers enjoyed.

“I LOVE how real you are! I love your music, but I love you as a person more! I love how you take care of animals, have a garden, cook and can food like a pro, and you are all the while writing music running a business, and looking fantastic!! I’m sure I missed a lot!” another fan wrote.

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