Extreme Haunted House, McKamey Manor, Faces Petition Calling For Its Closure, Over 67,000 Signatures Collected

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An online petition to shut down McKamey Manor, a Tennessee haunted-house attraction that’s so violent that it’s been compared to subjecting its attendees to torture, has gained over 67,000 signatures, AOL News reports.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, haunted-house attractions are a big business this time of year, with millions of Americans lining up to pay money to have their wits scared out of them.

However, McKamey Manor, with locations in Summertown, Tennessee, and Huntsville, Alabama, is different from those attractions in a couple of ways. For one, owner Russ McKamey isn’t in it for the money; indeed, the price of admission is a bag of dog food for McKamey’s dogs. For another, the attraction is less of a haunted house and more like 10-plus hours of live-action torture-porn role play.

That’s not an exaggeration, either: people who endure the attraction will be tortured. They will have bags placed over their heads. They may have their heads shaved. They may be forced to eat disgusting food. They may even have a fingernail pulled off, get involuntarily tattooed, or possibly even have a finger broken.

“It’s literally just a kidnapping and torture house. Some people have had to seek professional psychiatric help and medical care for extensive injuries,” says the petition, which calls on the state legislatures of Alabama and Tennessee to shut down the attractions.

McKamey, however, makes a few points in his defense.

First, he notes that the entire process is recorded, so in case someone tries to report him to the authorities for assault, or tries to sue, he can show the tape.

“You’d be surprised over the years how many people have claimed something happened to them inside. And I need to go back and show whoever needs to see it the raw and unedited footage, saying ‘here ya go, here’s the complete show,'” he says.

What’s more, he notes that all attendees must pass a background check and health screening (one that includes a drug test), must sign a 40-page wavier, and are given a safe word that they can utter when they’ve had too much. In fact, McKamey says that no one has made it through the attraction without using the safe word, and offers $20,000 to anyone who can.

Unfortunately for those wishing to see McKamey Manor shut down, online petitions aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. They carry no legal weight at all, and indeed, unless an online petition is somehow brought to the attention of a person in position to do anything about it, lawmakers will likely be unaware of them.