Bella Thorne Rocks A Girl Scout Costume With A Sexy Twist

Bella Thorne has been getting into the Halloween spirit lately, as she shares her costumes with her fans on Instagram. Her newest update showed her rocking a completely new outfit, as she dressed up as her version of a Girl Scout.

However, she put a new spin on the traditional outfit and made it sexy, as she rocked a white lace teddy with cutouts that left her midriff and back exposed. She wore a bright green skirt, which was super-short, and completed her costume with a matching green beret. Bella infused some glam into the hat with a light green ribbon and accessorized with her usual necklaces and chunky rings. To top it all off, the actress opted for a light blue pair of sneakers featuring orange sparkle accents and laces.

The post consisted of three photos, all of which showed Bella posing on a pair of plush chairs. The chairs were ornate, each featuring half of a large heart-shaped back with silver accents. The matching furniture was placed together to make one heart, as Bella sat on it and gave flirty looks. In the backdrop, you could see sparkling, silver curtains.

The first two photos showed Bella from the front, as she kicked back and also sat up slightly. The final photo showed the actress sitting on her knees, her back angled towards the camera. In all of the images, the former Shake It Up star gave coy and flirty looks.

These photos are proving popular, garnering over 173,000 likes already in the first hour since it went live. Fans responded to Bella's captions in the comments section.

"Can I have a pack of samoas?" joked a follower.

"I WOULD BUY ALL OF UR COOKIES," exclaimed an admirer.

"I'd like two boxes of Bella f*cking Thorne please," expressed a fan.

"I suddenly like cookies now, anyone else?" asked a follower.

As flirty and fun as her new Girl Scouts costume may be, Bella also shared a completely different look in a recent set of selfies. This time, the actress boasted about her makeup, which arguably was convincing enough to make it look as though she'd actually gotten into a fight. Her lip appeared to be cut and bleeding on the left side, while she sported bruises on the bridge of her nose and left eye. Plus, she added a bruise on the right side of her cheek.

This update received over 724,000 likes.

Dedicated followers can also check out her earlier post, where she rocked a disco queen costume.