Halle Berry Hides Behind A Book, Smiles With Her Eyes In Latest Instagram Share

Jason MerrittGetty Images

Halle Berry took to Instagram on Tuesday to showcase her latest reads and also show off her ability to smile with her eyes.

Halle was photographed lying down on a leather surface and close up as she held a copy of How to Love by Thich Nhat Hanh. The 53-year-old didn’t show too much of her face as she peeped at the camera from behind the book. However, her eyes were visible in the image.

The actress was wearing a simple black top with thin spaghetti straps and opted out of showcasing too much of her wardrobe. Her tousled and highlighted hair was worn down and she appeared makeup-free. Halle held the book with her left hand and flashed a deep and direct gaze into the camera that translated into a smile.

The lengthy caption from Halle urged her fans to give the book a “read.” She then outlined various aspects of the work that she found to be enlightening and tapped into the “meditations” that fans will know are so important to her.

Fan comments have been pouring in since the post was shared.

“I think you are such a beautiful woman,” one fan wrote.

“My beautiful Halle. I love you,” another said.

“Love. The most powerful drug in the world,” echoed a third follower.

Other commenters thanked the actress for sharing the book suggestion.

“Thanks for sharing with us Ms. Berry,” a fan told the star.

“Very familiar with his teachings. I once thought of becoming a monk… Seriously though, I do follow him. Namaste,” wrote another.

Halle doesn’t mention literature too often on her Instagram account, as her updates frequently chronicle her life as a yogi and overall wellness queen. That said, Halle has taken to the platform to promote a book in the past, doing so most recently in August. Her Instagram post centering around Maybe It’s You was captioned with words that encouraged her fans to make their lives a better one.

“Hey hey hey…it’s SELF CARE SUNDAY! In honor of that, today’s #HBBooksFromBed is for any of you, like me, who find times when you need to make shifts in the way you do life so you can live out loud and reach your full potential! Whether that be in work, love or friendships. Maybe It’s YOU, by #LaurenHandelZander offers up not only sound advice, but clear road maps to guide you along your path. This read recently inspired me to make huge shifts in my life and I’m already seeing the benefits! Enjoy,” she wrote.