‘World’s Sexiest Nurse’ Lauren Drain Rocks Black Lingerie In Stunning Pre-Pregnancy Throwback

Lauren Drain showed off a black lingerie look on Instagram this week in a stunning throwback photo of herself from before her pregnancy.

In the snapshot, which was posted to social media on Wednesday, Lauren looks gorgeous while rocking a black bra, which boasted a lace element up the middle and matching collar around her neck. Drain also wore matching panties in the snap as she showcased her flawlessly fit figure.

Lauren appears to look in a mirror as she lifts her hand to grab at a piece of her long, blond hair. Drain’s golden locks are parted to the side and worn in voluminous curls that fall down her back and ripple over her shoulders.

The model, who is also a registered nurse, sported a stunning makeup look in the shot, an application that consisted of defined eyebrows, long lashes, and thick black eyeliner. She also rocked a bronzed glow, nude lips, and pink blush on her cheeks to complete the sexy style.

In the caption of the photo, Lauren tells her fans that her year-end workout program is open for admission, as she’s still striving to stay strong and healthy during the final states of her pregnancy.

Drain reveals that she’s helped thousands of people achieve their body goals and tells her over 3.9 million followers that she’s simply the best choice to help them as well.

Of course, Lauren’s followers couldn’t help but gush over the model’s flashback photo, which earned her over 3,000 likes in the first hour after it went live.


“Wow! Amazing figure,” one Instagram user wrote in the comments section of the picture.

“Gorgeous,” another fan stated.

“Hot,” a third comment read.

“Beautiful,” one admirer remarked.

The fitness guru’s toned body is the result of her love of staying active, which seemingly hasn’t diminished with her pregnancy.

However, she may be forced to slow down in the coming weeks as she recently suffered a pregnancy scare and opened up about the situation in the caption of a recent Instagram post.

Lauren revealed that she began to feel very uncomfortable and that she didn’t want to take any chances, so she and her husband headed to the hospital. Thankfully, everything was fine and the doctor gave the model the all-clear to head home.


“That was quite scary but myself and baby are both safe and sound now. The doctor said it could’ve been sciatica from the uterus putting more pressure on nerves, or GI issues (like intestines shifting & getting wrapped up). Praying no more issues since baby Aria is not due to arrive until January 2020,” Lauren Drain revealed in her pregnancy update.