October 30, 2019
'Teen Mom 2' Star Kailyn Lowry Looks Totally Radiant With Glasses & High Pony In Simple Instagram Car Selfie

Kailyn Lowry looked totally radiant in a car selfie on Tuesday, and she took to Instagram to update her fans with the image. The Teen Mom 2 star went low-key on the glam front, but Kailyn doesn't need to do much to look gorgeous.

Kailyn was in her vehicle, with her head against the car's seat. She snapped a photo of herself close up with the natural daylight pouring across her face. Kailyn was looking directly ahead of her while holding one arm up to her head. She appeared to skimp on the makeup, perhaps wearing a little lip gloss and mascara, however, it was hard to tell. Kail's light blue eyes pierced the camera from behind her thick-rimmed glasses. Her facial expression was mostly neutral, erring toward a slight smile.

Kailyn was wearing a black T-shirt with a V-shaped neckline. She also wore a necklace that fans may have recognized; Kailyn has a gold chain necklace bearing the initials of her three sons' names. A blue bracelet on Kailyn's wrist was also visible. Her long dark hair was tied up into a high ponytail, and some blond tips were visible.

She has previously made headlines for going brunette, but this snap showed that a little of the star's trademark light locks are still there. Also visible to anyone pinching in on their phones were hints of Kail's famous arm tattoos.

Kailyn drew a semi-transparent yellow shape over her image, which was visible across her chest. Some simple text accompanied the image, as Kailyn spelled out a word in red, yellow, and pink lettering with a green exclamation point.

"YES!" she wrote.

Kailyn didn't clarify why she was in such a good mood. There was, however, a self-love feel to the snap, as she showcased her simple moment. Accepting herself is something that Kailyn has opened up about in the past. Speaking to Inked Mag in March, the star revealed that she goes through emotional ups and downs.

"I think loving myself has been the hardest struggle," she admitted. "I go through periods where I'm so happy with where I'm at and with myself but then I go through periods where I'm not. I think that's been the biggest struggle and that goes into being a mom. You have to love yourself to be the best that you can be in all aspects of life and that includes motherhood. I feel that moms especially, not just myself, are really hard on themselves and so much is expected of them."