Miss BumBum Suzy Cortez Flaunts A Wet Derriere In Sultry Shower Snap

Suzy CortezInstagram

Miss BumBum Suzy Cortez just sent pulses racing across social media when she posted a number of pictures of herself — including one where her derriere gets wet after taking an outdoor shower.

It’s of little surprise that the Brazilian bombshell would want to flaunt her famous asset, as it has been declared the best in the world. Though Suzy was previously thrust into the limelight after winning the national 2015 Miss BumBum competition, she has been making even more headlines thanks to her victory in the 2019 International version.

She seems to be taking advantage of the attention with a social media binge, and just posted nine uploads in the past 24 hours alone. A majority of them proudly display her posterior.

The most recent of these features a video where the brunette beauty takes an outdoor shower while at the beach. With her back to the camera, her derriere commands full attention. For her attire, she wears a bright pink and yellow bikini.

The bikini top features a back tie, and the bottoms are cut in the popular thong style, which leaves very little of her bum to the imagination. The video shows Suzy standing on the beach, watching the blue ocean while water from the outdoor shower runs down her toned and tan body.

Throughout the clip, she runs her hands through her long dark brown locks.


Within hours, it already received over 22,000 views, more than 6,000 likes, and over 100 comments.

“On fire,” one fan wrote, with both the heart-eyes and kissing face emoji.

“I love your incredible figure… gorgeous performance,” added another, with a plethora of lip emoji.

In addition to the shower video, Suzy also uploaded a still photograph of herself from the shower clip, which earned over 16,000 likes.

The uploads seem to have been taken from a day at the beach, and almost all of the aforementioned nine pictures posted over the past day are related to her trip. For example, another picture that followers went wild over was one where she lay on her stomach in the water.

Still wearing the same pink and neon yellow bikini, Suzy posed in the shallow water, with most of her body submerged. She arched her back ever so slightly, flattering her curves to their best advantage.


The upload quickly earned over 10,000 and more than 100 comments.

“Summer time is very good,” joked one fan with thumbs up and smiling face emoji, in response to Suzy’s caption.

Suzy also dropped jaws in a very NSFW pose in another recent update, as previously covered by The Inquisitr.