‘One Piece’ Chapter 961 Spoilers: Oden Repels Mountain God, Yasuie’s Relationship With Orochi Revealed


One Piece Chapter 961 is yet to be officially released, but spoilers are already surfacing on the web. The upcoming chapter of One Piece is set to feature the continuation of the flashback of Lord Kozuki Oden before he became the ruler of the Land of Wano. After attending the wake of a deceased comrade, Oden checked the ongoing commotion at the Flower Capital where he met Kinemon and Denjiro and saw a huge beast called the Mountain God.

As revealed in the spoilers on Reddit, One Piece Chapter 961 is titled “The Mountain God Incident.”

After Kinemon brought the white pig he stole to the Flower Capital, the Mountain God appeared and started wreaking havoc. The Mountain God destroyed numerous houses and wounded and killed several people. To stop the Mountain God from going on a rampage, everyone at the Flower Capital started finding the white pig.

Because of its massive size, Kinemon was hesitant to confront the Mountain God at first. However, he changed his mind after learning from one of the people that Tsuru has been eaten by the Moutain God. Kinemon immediately ran towards the direction of the Mountain God with his sword, telling it to return Tsuru. Kinemon suddenly regretted his decision to steal the white pig and wanted to tell everyone that he was the main reason why the Mountain God got angry.

Kinemon no longer wanted to live, blaming himself for the death of Tsuru. However, before he did something stupid, someone stopped Kinemon. One Piece Chapter 961 featured Oden saving Kinemon and the people in the Flower Capital from the Mountain God. Using the two-sword style technique, Oden attacked and succeeded to repel the Mountain God. Oden also got the white pig from Kinemon and showed it to the Mountain God. After reuniting with one of its children, the Moutain God left the Flower Capital.

However, instead of thanking him, the shogun of the Land of Wano during that time got angry with Oden. He thought that Oden was the one who brought the white pig to the Flower Capital. As a punishment, the shogun exiled Oden from the Land of Wano. After the chaos, One Piece Chapter 961 spoilers revealed that Kinemon and Denjiro decided to follow Oden and become his retainers.

One Piece Chapter 961 spoilers also revealed that connection between Shogun Kurozumi Orochi and the late Lord Shimotsuki Yasuie. When he was still the daimyo of Hakumai, Lord Yasuie hired Orochi as his servant. As opposed to his current appearance, the young Orochi looked kind and loyal. However, Lord Yasuie had no knowledge that one of his servants would be the one that would betray the Land of Wano and end his life.