WWE Rumors: Several ‘NXT’ Superstars Reportedly Hoping To Be Released Due To Company’s ‘Empty Promises’


Multiple reports over the past week or so have claimed that WWE has a serious problem with locker room morale. And with mere days passed since it was alleged that several WWE superstars are willing to join All Elite Wrestling for less money, the latest backstage rumors suggest that the company’s third major brand, NXT, is dealing with similar issues where a number of wrestlers want out of the promotion.

In a report from WrestlingNews.co published on Tuesday, Paul Davis cited a series of tweets from Squared Circle Sirens‘ Casey Michael, who claimed that per his sources, there are “so many unhappy people” in NXT who want to be released by WWE due to the “empty promises” that the company has yet to keep.

In a second tweet, Michael added that things have gotten to a point that there aren’t enough lockers in WWE’s Performance Center for all the wrestlers the promotion has been “stockpiling.”

“Just to go off this even more they didn’t call up people during the draft. Nobody is really moving on from NXT as they have in years past,” Michael pointed out in a third Twitter post. “Guys wrestle on [205 Live] but also [keep] appearing on NXT too.”

WrestlingNews.co also cited social media posts from independent wrestler David Starr, who tweeted that he has spoken to several friends from NXT who allegedly weren’t given the pay raises they had been expecting. This came two months after an earlier WrestlingNews.co report noted that the black-and-gold brand’s performers were set to receive higher salaries, on account of how NXT would purportedly be receiving $30 million to $50 million annually as part of its two-year deal with the USA Network.

In addition, Starr tweeted that WWE supposedly “offered” to double the salaries of main roster wrestlers when AEW first launched earlier this year. The wrestler explained that this proves how WWE has “consciously decided” not to pay its wrestlers more money despite having the financial resources to do so.

Commenting on the new updates on the situation over at NXT, WrestlingNews.co‘s Paul Davis wrote that some of the supposedly unhappy wrestlers are aware that AEW won’t be able to sign every disgruntled, underexposed WWE superstar who wants to quit the promotion. While it’s possible that AEW will sign some performers, Davis stressed that the newer company, at the moment, has “enough talent” to fill its two-hour TNT primetime show, Dynamite, as well as its one-hour YouTube exclusive, AEW Dark.