‘Black Ink Crew’s’ Young Bae Flaunts Weight Loss Since Giving Birth To Her Son

Young BaeInstagram

Black Ink Crew star Young Bae updated her Instagram page by sharing never-before-seen photos of herself. The shots revolved around the weight she had been working on losing since giving birth to her son, Niko. The series of four photos in the set showed the reality TV star as she posed from different angles.

Her “before” photos showed her posing in a black-and-white leopard-print bikini. And her “after” photos showed her in a black bra and high-waisted leggings. Although the photos were taken in different lighting, the progress that Young had made was clear. Her body looked much more toned overall in her “after” photos, plus, she rocked eye-catching makeup and wore her hair slicked down in a side part.

Young’s fans have been kept apprised about her new role as a mom. The tattoo artist has remained very vocal about her relationship with her son ever since he was born. In fact, he is often featured on her social media feed.

The post has been liked more than 38,000 times so far, and the comments section revealed just how loved the reality TV star has become among her dedicated followers.

“Bae from the beginning, still gonna be BAE AF after!! Congrats sista,” gushed a fan.

“You a mom! Ur body went through a lot! You killin it! You created life!!!!!” exclaimed a follower.

“Feeling and being healthy is power within itself. Keep up the good work! You look great!” noted a third admirer.

“You’re doing great bae! You’re gorgeous either way but you can definitely see a huge improvement!! Congrats girl. Keep it going. Do you and don’t let anyone put you down,” expressed a fan.

In addition, Young took to her social media to share new tattoos she worked on for her clients. She updated with a video of a black-and-white piece she created for someone’s forearm. The tattoo’s design, which wrapped around their arm, depicted a roller coaster in an amusement park.

Another update from three days ago pictured another one of her tattoos which depicted a topless mermaid and had been added to a client’s calf.

That being said about her tattoo work, fans should also keep an eye out for more posts from Young in the coming days on another topic. She has been promising a new workout routine for busy moms, which has the potential to be a hit among her followers.

For now, check out an earlier post in which Young rocked a skimpy Carnival costume.