Demi Burnett Flaunts Booty In Thong Bikini & Gives Coy Looks

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Demi Burnett from Bachelor in Paradise is keeping things sizzling on her Instagram page with a new bikini pic. The reality TV star was previously spotted in the same ensemble, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, but the newest update was different in that it was all about her booty.

The photo was taken in a tropical paradise, as she posed with her back to the camera. Multiple huts and palm trees were visible behind the Bachelor in Paradise star. Her bikini featured ties on the sides of her bottoms as she looked back over her left shoulder, flashing a coy expression on her face. She also wore her hair down, which she pulled behind her shoulders. Her makeup appeared to consist of dark eyeliner and blush, while she accessorized with a pair of puka shell earrings.

The update has been liked over 105,000 times, with fans leaving a wide range of messages in the comments section.

“I know we’re suppose to be looking elsewhere, but your hair in this pic is [fire],” complimented a follower, who used three fire emoji to make their point.

“Dear lord, thank you for blessing me with this,” expressed an admirer.

Others were wondering what her relationship status is with Kristian Haggerty.

“Did you and kristian break up?” asked a curious fan.

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Sorry dad...... #thirsttrap #experienceelderado

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In the midst of all of the speculation, Demi previously spoke out about their relationship. This is what she noted, according to Cosmopolitan.

“Every relationship is different and it’s like—I mean in the most respectful way—it’s nobody’s business how our relationship works,” she explained.

“She’s in Florida, I’m in New York, but we do spend time together. Just because we don’t broadcast it doesn’t mean that we’re not together… We’re not too far apart. I think it’s important to kind of have our space just so, you know, we can develop a normal, very solid, steady relationship,” added Demi.

In addition, the reality TV star shared her Halloween costume with her fans in a series of Instagram updates. Demi opted to go as a Hooters girl, as she was spotted in the restaurant’s iconic tank top and bright orange booty shorts. She wore her hair pulled up in a high ponytail, securing it with a scrunchie.

This update has been liked over 307,000 times so far.

For now, fans can hope for more updates from Demi in the coming days. However, unfortunately for those that want to know more about her private love life, it doesn’t look like couple pics are on Demi’s mind.