Blonde Bombshell Anna Katharina Shows Off Cleavage In Stunning New Photo On Instagram

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Anna Katharina gave her fans a treat on Tuesday when she uploaded a photo of herself that put her cleavage on show.

The blonde bombshell, who is known for showing off her body in swimwear switched things up a bit with her latest photo on the social media platform by opting to wear a t-shirt with a plunging neckline instead. She wore her hair off to one side in curls that cascaded over her shoulder. She kept her makeup natural but, based on the comments the post received, her fans did not seem to mind at all.

“You’re magnificent,” one fan wrote.

“GORGEOUS, my god,” another added.

“Totally beautiful!” a third commenter gushed.

“Gorgeous,” a fourth fan simply said.

These kinds of comments are not new to Anna Katharina’s page. As The Inquisitr reported, the compliments she received on a post in which she is wearing a cheetah print one-piece bathing suit were just as effusive.

Even though she isn’t smiling in her most recent post, Anna has a lot to celebrate. She recently hit 1 million followers on Instagram. She hasn’t created a post celebrating the achievement but fans have been congratulating her in the comments sections of her most recent posts.

The model’s boyfriend Davey Fisher has also been popping up on her page a lot recently. In a previous post, she revealed some insider details about how they first “hung out” together.

“It’s funny to think about, but the first time we hung out we barely spoke. You were totally consumed by the Dodger game and I was so nervous I could barely function,” she wrote.

According to his Instagram bio, Davey is a model, realtor, fitness trainer and athlete. In one of his recent posts, he revealed that they’d been dating for two years. He also thanked her for being in his life.

“Time flies when you’re having fun,” he wrote. “I really can’t picture anything without you anymore, and everything is better because I get to share it with you. Except for Baskin Robins…you can get your own.”

In the comments of both posts, fans called them “relationship goals.”

Besides her swimsuit photos and cute glimpses of her relationship, Anna has also been promoting her new fitness guide. In a previous post, she told fans that the tome will include workout tips for exercises designed to develop the lower body. It will also include grocery lists and nutrition guides as well.

Anna promised that the guide will be an “honest” reflection of everything she has learned about maintaining her figure.

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There are thousands of fitness and nutrition plans already out there, so you might wonder why I decided to make one as well. It’s no secret that social media lacks honesty, and most of the time we don’t know if what we are seeing and receiving is genuine. I knew that if I were to ever take the time to create my own, it would be an honest reflection of the years of trial and error. I believe in eating donuts on Sundays, indulging in a burrito the size of a newborn baby and rest days when needed. I want my followers to give themselves a break, stop obsessing and comparing and just be the healthiest and happiest version of themselves. You can be fit without fitness being your life. So excited to share this with you guys!

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