New York Shooting Spree Suspect Kurt Myers Killed By Police

New York spree shooting suspect Kurt Myers was killed by police who had surrounded the man inside a block of small businesses in the village of Herkimer since Wednesday.

Police in upstate New York said the alleged shooter went on a rampage at a car wash and barbershop, killing four people and wounding two others.

Myers is accused of starting his rampage by torching his apartment in the village of Mohawk on Wednesday morning and then going on to shoot four people at a barbershop, killing two of them. From there, police say he went to an oil change and car wash business in Herkimer, where he shot and killed two more people.

Witnesses say Myers walked calmly into the barbershop on Wednesday, coolly asking if the barber remembered him and then opening fire with a shotgun.

Mary Hornett, whose brother John Seymore was wounded in the attack at the barbershop, retold his account of the killing.

“He just said that the guys were in the barbershop and this guy comes in and he says, `Hi John, do you remember me?’ and my brother said, `Yes, Kurt, how are you?’ and then he just started shooting,” Hornett said.

Police identified those killed as customers Harry Montgomery, 68, and Michael Ransear, 57, a retired corrections officer. Myers then went to Gaffy’s Fast Lube, killing Michael Renshaw and Thomas Stefka.

Herkimer and Mohawk are about 70 miles northwest of Albany and are separated by the Mohawk River.

Police searched for New York spree shooting suspect Kurt Myers for hours on Wednesday as nearby colleges and schools went on lockdown and police warned residents to stay inside their homes.

Mark Vivacqua the superintendent in Herkimer, said that schools in Bridgewater, Dolgeville, Frankfurt Ilion, Little Falls, Newport, Richfield Springs, and West Winfield were put under lockdown.

“Everybody’s on lockdown, all the schools, the college, the village,” said Amanda Viscomi, acting clerk-treasurer in Herkimer during the manhunt for Kurt Myers. “It’s very, very scary.”

As police went on their manhunt, Fox News initially identified the suspect as 64-year-old Kurt Myers, noting that he was considered armed and dangerous.

As the manhunt continued, police tracked Myers to some abandoned buildings in Herkimer. Police stormed the building on Thursday morning, killing the man in the basement of the building after he fired on a police dog.

“He was waiting for us,” said Trooper Jack Keller. “He kills the dog. They hear shots fired. Our teams returned fire and the suspect gets shot.”

Neighbors remembered New York spree shooting suspect Kurt Myers as a quiet man who lived alone and didn’t respond when they tried to talk to him.