Hannah Brown Admits Alan Bersten Hurt Her Feelings When He Called Her ‘Insecure’ On ‘DWTS’

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Hannah Brown’s fans tuned into the latest episode of Dancing with the Stars, only to see the Bachelorette star having a hard time during judging. In particular, she received a harsh critique from judge Carrie Ann Inaba. In addition, her pro partner, Alan Bersten, later revealed his thoughts to co-host Erin Andrews, as noted by ET.

“I think, honestly, it’s so accurate. Hannah is incredible, but she has a bit of insecurity… she has no reason to be insecure.”

On Tuesday, Hannah broke her silence regarding her latest DWTS appearance with an Instagram post and a lengthy caption. Notably, she didn’t mention Alan in the message, but instead focused on her personal struggles.

Plus, her DWTS Diary revealed more about her week, as reported by Bustle.

“There is definitely truth to the fact that maybe there’s something missing in my dances like Carrie Ann said. Even Alan said I was insecure, which hurt my feelings at the time, because it’s something that I am, but maybe didn’t want him to say about me on television,” explained Hannah.

“I am probably at one of my all-time most unconfident and insecure places and that really sucks because I’ve come such a long way and I feel like I’ve backtracked a lot,” she added.

Even with all of her ups and down, Hannah and Alan survived another week in the grueling competition show, and fans can look forward to seeing her hit the dance floor next week.

Alan had spoken out yesterday via a heartfelt Instagram post in which he opened up about how he feels about Hannah’s efforts and hard work. He didn’t mention anything about his comments about his partner’s insecurities, but it would seem that he wanted to add more to the conversation than what he shared briefly during the show.

That said, even though Hannah’s DWTS diary and Instagram captions revealed that she’s feeling a little down, the photos she shared showed her smiling widely as she worked hard to prepare.

As it turned out, the reality TV star was dealing with swollen feet and pain during the week leading up to the Halloween episode. She was also dealing with a busy schedule that included a friend’s wedding. Plus, she hosted Alan for a BBQ and she showed him around her hometown.

Fans will have to wait for next week to see Hannah on TV again. In the meantime, her fans are pouring in with encouraging and loving messages for the former Bachelorette in the comments section of her Instagram post. Many noted that Hannah is an inspiration, and plenty dedicated followers promised to vote for her every week.

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I may not always be the best at speaking, but my intentions are always pure. @hannahbrown you have been the epitome of a dream partner. You work hard, you care more than any other person I have met, and you put up with me. No you don’t have experience performing, singing, or acting. I know this doesn’t come easy to you, but you impress me every single day, when you go out there and you give it 100% I am so proud of you. I just wanted to say thank you, thank you for being an incredible teammate. Thank you for always leaving your heart on the floor, and thank you for trusting me on this journey. You not only inspire me, but you inspire everyone that comes across your infectious attitude!

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