Johnny Galecki’s Girlfriend Alaina Meyer Looks Stunning For Celestial Shower For Baby Avery

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

Johnny Galecki and his girlfriend Alaina Meyer are expecting their first baby very soon so it’s no surprise that the stars aligned for a picture-perfect baby shower over the weekend. Meyer, who is just over 35-weeks pregnant with the Big Bang Theory star’s child, took to Instagram to share photos of a sweet and starry baby shower thrown for her by her mother and some friends in California.

In the caption to photos of her posing with family and friends, Meyer described the party as “the most amazing celestial shower” as the group celebrated the impending arrival of her baby boy. Meyer, who looked stunning in a long white gown, also revealed that her love Johnny Galecki sent over “so many sweet surprises” to the shower.

Meyer shared photos of twinkly decorations and the baby’s name – Avery — spelled out in silver balloons. There was also a pic of a table full of delectable food.

In a second post, Meyer noted how loved baby Avery already is.

In May, Galecki and Meyer shared photos from their gender reveal party in which they smeared blue paint all over one another, according to One Country. On her Instagram story, Meyer also shared the baby’s name at that time— “Avery Stryker Galecki”— which she wrote over blue splattered paint.

The new baby shower photos came just a few days after Meyer posted a baby bump update that confirmed her pregnancy timeline. The 22-year-old model included the hashtag “35 weeks” in the caption to photos that showed her expanding belly.

While the couple is over the moon about the news of their baby boy, before the gender reveal took place, Galecki joked that he “kind of “preferred having a girl.

During a guest appearance on The Talk, Galecki explained that his pink manicure was meant to sway some “girl” energy his way after he put blue dye in his hair.

“I got superstitious that I was, like, manifesting a boy, when I kind of prefer a girl,” Galecki admitted to The Talk co-hosts. “So, I painted my nails pink to try to even out the energy there.”

While Galecki clarified that he just wants his future baby to be healthy, he warned the CBS co-hosts “not to play this tape for my child years from now.”

Galecki and Meyer originally asked for privacy as they basked in their baby news, but now it seems they want to share their joy with the world. Fans can’t wait to meet Avery Stryker Galecki when he is born next month.