Bernie Sanders Blasts ‘Cowardly Republicans’ For Voter Suppression Crisis

Kena BetancurGetty Images

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders recently took to Twitter to suggest there is no “voter fraud” crisis and attack “cowardly Republicans” for creating a purported “voter suppression crisis.” He made the comment in response to an article by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that suggests 330,000 voter registrations could be purged in the state of Georgia.

“There is no ‘voter fraud’ crisis. There is a voter suppression crisis because of cowardly Republicans who don’t believe in democracy,” he tweeted.

The AJC report suggests that approximately 330,000 voter registrations in Georgia may be canceled because the registrants have not voted in several years. The state previously canceled 534,119 registrations in July 2017, which is reportedly the “largest single removal of voters in U.S. history.”

While state election officials suggest that the removal is necessary to clean the records of voters that have left the state, opponents believe they disenfranchise voters who may not have engaged in elections in recent years but plan to do so in the 2020 election.

“Voters should not lose their right to vote simply because they have decided not to express that right in recent elections,” said Lauren Groh-Wargo, the CEO for Fair Fight Action, a group currently suing Georgia over voting issues.

“Having a long history of voter suppression, the Georgia secretary of state’s office has a responsibility to guarantee that not a single voter is wrongly included on the purge list.”

As The Inquisitr reported, a recent CNN poll revealed that Sanders is surging in New Hampshire — a key early state — and currently topping the field with 21 percent support. Elizabeth Warren trails him with 18 percent support, and Joe Biden is in third with 15 percent — a 9-percentage-point drop from the last CNN poll in New Hampshire.

Sanders’ campaign has focused on attacking the corporate greed he believes has overtaken the United States and focuses on improving the lives of the working class while increasing taxes on the rich. In a recent interview with CBS News, the Vermont senator suggested that greed has always existed in the country but has spiraled out of control due to a war waged on the working class via the elites.

According to Sanders, the war began 40 to 50 years ago and stemmed from a decision on behalf of “corporate America and the corporate elite” that decided they “want it all.” He claims that greed is akin to a religion for the ultra-wealthy, and their relationship with money mirrors that between a drug addict and their drug of choice.