Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Tease That Sasha Takes Heat & The Halloween Celebrations Begin

Todd WawrychukWalt Disney Television

It looks like fans have a lot to look forward to with Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers tease that many people throughout Port Charles will be ready to get a bit wild for Halloween and there are supposedly major reveals coming with this celebration. However, it looks like Sasha Gilmore will not necessarily have the best time at this big gathering.

Nina Reeves finally knows that Sasha isn’t her daughter, but Sasha didn’t expose Valentin Cassadine for orchestrating this whole ordeal. General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek for Wednesday’s show hints that Nina will cross paths with Sasha and Michael Corinthos as everybody gathers for Halloween, and Nina will not be pleased to see them.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps detail that Sasha and Michael will experience some tension during Wednesday’s show. This likely is related to Nina, given how she reacts to seeing Sasha at the gathering.

Teasers had seemingly suggested that Michael and Sasha would have a tiff of some sort with one another this week. Now, it looks as if that may not necessarily be the case. It could be that Michael stands by Sasha’s side as she weathers the storm Nina throws her way during this tense encounter.

If Michael and Sasha do have a disagreement of sorts, it may well be due to her determination to protect Valentin. She has explained that she’s doing it for Nina, as she doesn’t want to see Nina lose everything she loves. However, it has frustrated Michael to watch Sasha take all the heat when he knows she didn’t come up with this plan.

Wednesday’s show will contain plenty of action with other characters too. T.J. Ashford will be at the Halloween party, and General Hospital spoilers note that he’ll be talking to Jordan and Curtis as he mentions needing to ask something.

Alexis Davis will start to feel the effects of Kendra Lennon’s sneaky poisoning efforts, but it’ll take some time for Alexis and others to pin down the real reason she’s starting to feel quite ill.

Valentin Cassadine and Laura Spencer Collins will butt heads at the Halloween party, as he’ll be trying to figure out why she’s been so curious about the painting of Helena. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Laura will chat with Jasper Jax about her theory regarding the painting, and Jax will be by Laura as Valentin blasts her at the party.

General Hospital spoilers also tease that Ava Jerome will resort to extreme measures during the next show. Soon Ava will confront the person who has been following her and fans are pretty convinced that it’ll be a not-so-dead Nikolas Cassadine who is keeping tabs on her.

Will all of the storyline developments emerging this Halloween week live up to the hype from the show? Fans may think they know what’s coming, but General Hospital spoilers hint that there may be some unexpected twists and turns ahead.