Curvy Bombshell Pamela Alexandra ‘Finally’ Finds A Chair That She ‘Can Fit In’

Pamela Alexandra is showing off her famous curves once again on Instagram. The model isn’t just known for her curvaceous frame, though. She’s got a great sense of humor that often comes out in her social media captions — and today was no exception.

Pamela’s photo centered around her size, although everything was rather tongue-in-cheek. The star was outside, sitting on a furnished deck in a big, comfy chair. She was flaunting her incredible body in a fun, but very minimal ensemble comprised of a barely-there bra and a high-waisted skirt. Both were curve-hugging and were very flattering. The top was a bandeau style with a metal hoop at the center. Pamela’s skirt, meanwhile, boasted a daring slit showing off her great legs with the same hoop at the waist. The two-piece matching set was super-laid back and casual, almost like beach attire.

Meanwhile, her feet were fitted into sexy, tan, open-toed sandals with an ankle strap.

Pamela looked beautiful and confident while gazing right at the camera and smiling. Her curly blond locks were worn down and flowing, brushing across her shoulders. She appeared fresh-faced and makeup-free.

This star’s appeal often comes through her caption, though. Pamela kept her caption short, but she hadn’t held back on the humor, suggesting that the hunt for a chair large enough to “fit” her curves hadn’t been an easy one. Her quest had been achieved, though, and Pamela seemed very happy about it.

Also mentioned in Pamela’s caption was the clothing brand Pretty Little Thing. Pamela is a social media influencer and often mentions clothing brands as she models her looks for her 2.7 million followers. The majority of Pamela’s updates mention Fashion Nova Curve, however, today’s Pretty Little Thing mention bucked the trend.

Fan comments have generally focused less on the brand endorsement and more on the killer curves and hilarious caption.

“Lol I know the feeling,” a fan wrote with an alien emoji.

“Oh yeah: And you are beautiful in that chair!” another added.

“Man Pamela, you keep giving it to us. BREAKING THE INTERNET,” a third follower told the star.

“Have mercy,” wrote another commenter.

And the comments didn’t stop there. While some fans focused strictly on this social media sensation’s eye-popping curves and gorgeous beauty, others couldn’t help but remark on the hilarious caption.

Unsurprisingly, the sexy post racked up over 25,000 likes in two hours. Additionally, more than 720 fans left comments on the post.