UFC Ring Girl Brittney Palmer Bares Back And Unbuttons Jeans In Sizzling Instagram Video

UFC ring girl and artist Brittney Palmer took to Instagram and thrilled her followers with a couple of new posts today. The model boasts 1 million followers on the popular social media platform, and she shares a lot about her life as an octagon girl, brand model, and artist with the people who follow her.

In the first image, Palmer posed topless, wearing a slightly ripped pair of GRLFRND jeans from Revolve with one knee bent and resting on a painter's stool. She held her long curly brown hair up with her hands atop her head, showing off her incredibly toned back, nipped-in waist, and shapely arms. In the image, small marks left from a cupping procedure are visible, but Palmer wrote in her caption that she felt they would be entirely faded by Saturday. The post also showed the tattoo on the UFC ring girl's back.

The ink featured words from Shakespeare's Sonnet 1.

"But thou contracted to thine own bright eyes, thyself thy foe, to thy sweet self too cruel," it read.
Nearly 16,000 fans expressed their appreciation of Palmer's gorgeous post by hitting the "like" button on Instagram. Additionally, hundreds also replied with supportive and uplifting comments for the artist, who posed in her studio for the sexy photo. Not surprisingly, many fans asked the model to turn around next time, which certainly wouldn't be advisable given Instagram's standards.In the second post, Palmer shared a short clip and another still image. In the video, Palmer stood facing the camera as she unbuttoned the button fly of her jeans. Her flat stomach and simple belly ring were visible along with her hands and the jeans' waistband. This comes one week after The Inquisitr reported on a similar upload where Palmer also posed in unbuttoned jeans. In the still shot, the model once again faced away from the camera, and the picture focused on her backside. She had several paintbrushes in her back pocket, with the GRLFRND logo also visible on the jeans' waistband.Nearly 5,000 of Palmer's followers liked the post, and dozens left replies in the comment section.

"Oh, what a tease!! Love it so," one follower replied.

"You are the art!!" declared a happy fan.

"You look very gorgeous and beautiful," wrote a third.

"Those are some sweet blue jeans! Brittney Palmer looks great! And I really like your page! You've got some of the best stuff and projects!" gushed a fourth admirer.

Meanwhile, in Palmer's Instagram stories, the UFC octagon girl noted that she'd been viciously attacked by a bug recently and her backside had several large red welts as a result. She showed a small spray bottle of Off insect repellent, declaring that she will use it as her body spray in the future. Later in the day, Palmer put on a gray sports bra and matching workout leggings for a Pilates class she was attending.