'Sports Illustrated' Model Hailey Clauson Sizzles In Bikini Selfie

Hailey Clauson has been spending some time in Croatia, and the time away appears to have done her some good as she is looking fabulous. As The Inquisitr reported earlier this week, the beauty recently showed off her enviable figure wearing a green bikini in the beautiful locale. Her latest update was a selfie that showed her looking fresh-faced and relaxed -- possibly a result of being on vacation.

In the post, Hailey was standing outside near a wall, wearing a white bikini. She took the shot from above, posing in an angle that made her chest the focal point of the snap. The shot showed Hailey's cleavage, as well as her taut abs and the slight curve of her hip.

The blond beauty wore her hair loose around her shoulders and sported minimal makeup for the snap, allowing her freckles to pop in the outdoor light. Hailey wore a gloss on her lips as she gave the camera a serious look and also added a bit of bling to the look with a gold pendant necklace.

Most of the beauty's fans thought she looked stunning in the snap and told her so.

"You're the most beautiful girl in the world," one admirer wrote.

Clauson, who has been modeling since she was 14, has been the Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition cover model three times and appeared in the issue last year.

The stunner first posed for the magazine when she was 18, and for that particular shoot, she was covered in body paint.

"I was on the beach with tourists and people just walking around. It looked like I was in a bathing suit but I was actually wearing nothing. Nobody could tell, and I kind of started to forget," she said in an interview with Harper's Bazaar.

After years of modeling and learning to be comfortable in her own skin, Hailey said that she is now probably "too comfortable" posing naked.

"But it feels really good to be completely comfortable in your own skin. It's a great feeling."
Believe it or not, the model has had to deal with insecurities about her body. She said that when she started going through puberty, she went through a phase where she felt unwanted by the industry. However, that made her realize she needed to take her career in another direction, which is what led her to Sports Illustrated.Those wanting to see more of Hailey can check out her Instagram account.