Ireland Baldwin Appears To Wear Nothing But A Leather Jacket In Sizzling New Photo

Ireland Baldwin's feed of late has been a mix of sultry posts, personal fun updates, and professional shots. And for her newest photo, she appeared to be fully nude, save for a leather jacket. In the photo, the model was spotted sitting on a small, round stool. She bent her left leg and hugged it with her arms. Meanwhile, she tilted her head back slightly and closed her eyes.

Plus, she wore a black leather accent that fell down her arms. Her pose and lighting were in such a way that her body was censored well, save for a flash of sideboob. Ireland wore her hair down in the shot, which she brushed around her shoulders. She also accessorized with a couple of necklaces, and thin hoop earrings. Her arm and leg tattoos were clearly visible, including the one of David Bowie that she has on the top of her left arm.

But this isn't the only revealing photo that the model has shared this week, as she posed another black-and-white image that likely caught many of her fans' attention. This time, Ireland was spotted wearing what appeared to be dark overalls, as she opted to go shirtless. This meant that her sideboob was on full display.

Ireland pulled her hair up in a half-up, half-down hairstyle, and looked over her left shoulder with a soft, coy look. This time, her entire arm was visible, which meant that her Hello Kitty and vampire mouth tattoos could be seen.

The daughter of Alex Baldwin and Kim Basinger has dealt with being in her parents' limelight, but she's carved out a fan base for herself on Instagram and continues to work as a model.

She previously opened up about social media to Hollywood Life.

"If you have any sort of following, you should use it for something that's going to help others. Make it not about you all the time, it's just so unattractive and so backwards and so fake," she explained.

"You see people in person who do that sh*t all day, and then you're just like, 'Well, that's completely not the same person that's on the internet.' If you have social media, use it to help. Young girls are the ones that spend the most time on social media, and look at what you do, and they want to be that," added Ireland.

Fans can hope for more fun updates in the coming days. In the meantime, those that can't get enough should check out a photo of her rocking a black swimsuit.