Beach Bunny Katelyn Runck Nearly Pops Out Of Bathing Suit In Beachside Snaps

When it comes to looking fabulous in a bathing suit, fitness model Katelyn Runck needs no introduction. She drives her fans crazy on a regular basis with Instagram updates that showcase her fabulous physique. Her latest post was no different, as it showed the beauty popping out of a bathing suit that did little to cover her up.

Katelyn's post included three photos and a video. She was shown in various poses in the striped one-piece that featured a leg slit up to the waist. The first snap showed Katelyn sitting on her knees on a sandy beach. The camera captured Katelyn from the side, an angle that put her voluptuous chest on display. The low-cut bathing suit barely covered up Katelyn's breasts, showing plenty of cleavage and side boob. The angle of the shot also called attention to Katelyn's thin waist.

In the second shot, Katelyn stood against a rock on the beach. Standing on her toes with her back arched, the pose accentuated her long, lean legs as well as her flat abs as she faced the ocean. The third photo of the group captured Katelyn on her knees facing the camera. With one hip out to the side, Katelyn put the curve of her booty on display. The shot also showed plenty of the beauty's smooth, bronze skin.

The post also included a video which showed Katelyn in various poses tugging at her swimsuit and flipping her hair while looking very sensual. The clip seemed to be a compilation of her poses in the still photographs.

In the caption, Katelyn asked her fans to pick their favorite part of the post. Some of her followers were able to decide on a favorite, but others couldn't seem to make up their minds.

"You look gorgeous in all pics," one admirer wrote.

"I'm having trouble breathing," a second fan joked.

"Just when I think you can't look any better you amaze me with even more beautiful pictures natural beauty!" said a third follower.

Katelyn does seem to look incredible in all of her photos. Granted, she is a model, but she does have a natural beauty about her -- and a killer body. As The Inquisitr reported earlier in the month, Katelyn flaunted her rock hard abs in a pair of bikini bottoms and a crop top. She also knows how to rock a more feminine look.

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