'Boy Meets World' Star Maitland Ward Does The 'Walk Of Shame' Dressed As Snow White

Maitland Ward is more than an actress, as she's also very active in the cosplay community, and her latest Instagram update reflects her love of dressing up like some of her favorite characters.

In her most recent photo, Maitland flaunts her curves while sporting a sexy Snow White costume. The Boy Meets World star rocked the costume, which boasted a see-through skirt and a pair of red panties. The look didn't show as much skin as her pink lingerie snap, but it did leave little to the imagination.

Maitland went for a disheveled look, calling the costume the character's "walk of shame." Ward flaunted her ample cleavage, toned arms, tiny waist, and long, lean legs in the snap as she opted for a messy-looking coif, parting her red hair down the center and styling it in wild waves that brushed over her shoulder.

Maitland also sported a full face of makeup for the photo, an application that included defined eyebrows, long lashes, black eyeliner, and pink eyeshadow. She added a shimmering highlighter on her face, pink blush on her cheeks, and a dark red color on her lips and fingernails to complete the glam look.

Maitland's fans seem to love the snap, clicking the like button nearly 28,000 times in the first 10 hours after it was posted to the social media platform.

Many fans remember Maitland as the character of Rachel on Boy Meets World. The actress joined the hit teen series in its later seasons when she became the roommate to Eric (Will Friedle) and Jack (Matthew Lawrence). However, things have certainly changed for the actress since those days.

Recently, Ward announced that she had starred in her first adult entertainment film, revealing that she was making the move into the industry after years of dressing in racy outfits and costumes, and sharing sexy social media photos.

Heavy reports that some fans may be surprised to learn that Maitland is married. She's currently hitched to real estate agent, (John) Terry Baxter.

The couple walked down the aisle in October of 2006. Terry rarely makes appearances in Maitland's social media posts, but he's been known to pop up a time or two.

Back in 2016, Maitland Ward shared a photo with her hubby in the background, wishing him a happy birthday as she wore nothing but a pair of black panties and an open robe to show off her famous curves, as Terry stood behind her, with a smirk on his face.