October 29, 2019
Miley Cyrus Lifts Up Dress In Cheeky Halloween Video, Lets 'Mystery Dead Man' Take The Credit

Miley Cyrus has shared plenty of Halloween-themed videos to her Instagram, and she recently uploaded a new one. The latest video was unusual, a little sexy, and accompanied by a humorous caption.

In the video, Miley was outdoors and standing in front of a cute and fairytale-like house set amid some trees. The 26-year-old was standing on the house's wooden deck and striking various poses while holding a skeleton.

The "Slide Away" singer wore a baby blue and white dress as she danced with the skeleton. Her look was fun and light-hearted, as the dress took on a pin-up feel. It was short-sleeved and knee-length, boasting a floral print. Miley wore white platform sandals that matched the daisies on her dress and added a fun flower piece in her hair. She also sported bright red lipstick. Perhaps most noticeable was Miley's new dark hair. The singer is known for her trademark blond locks, but she changed her look up here, going dark look with the blond coming through at the ends.

Despite Miley's cutesy ensemble, all eyes were on her apparent love affair with the skeleton. Miley used it as her partner in all of the images, even taking its hand to lift up her dress at one point. In this particular frame, Miley looked cheekily at the camera with her mouth open. She later puckered up her red-stained lips and planted a kiss on the skeleton's mouth.

Miley's caption was a clear play at the media. Since her every move is being watched, especially since her new romance with Cody Simpson has taken the internet by storm, Miley knows that she's sure to make headlines no matter what. Miley's caption was a fake news report in which she's called out for "dancing the night away with a mystery dead man."

The fun side was that this same "mystery man" had been credited for lifting up the singer's dress. Nonetheless, the video was Miley's way of recognizing that her every move is headline-worthy. Miley also added Halloween-appropriate emoji to her post, as a string of skeleton-face and happy ghost ones followed the caption's words.

The video received plenty of positive feedback as Miley's diehard fans took to the comments section.

"ILY SO MUCH," one fan wrote.

"Queen Halloween," another added.

Dozens of commenters simply left emoji ranging from hearts to the ever-popular laugh-cry face. More than half a million people watched the video in the first hour it was live.