Bebe Rexha Flaunts Her Booty In Bold Instagram Snap

Theo WargoGetty Images

Blond bombshell and singing superstar Bebe Rexha was feeling bold when she posted her latest Instagram shot, and her fans are loving it. The 30-year-old “Say My Name” singer got real with her followers by flaunting what she’s got, and it looks as if people would love to see more photos just like this one.

Rexha posted a new photo to her Instagram page on Tuesday morning that shows her at the beach. Bebe chose to share a black-and-white version of the photo, and it was clearly the right choice.

This picture shows Rexha wearing a straw hat and dark, oversized sunglasses along with a dark one-piece bathing suit. The snapshot was taken from behind Bebe, and she was seductively glancing back over her shoulder toward the camera.

In her caption, Bebe joked that her booty was “by God” and she also included a hashtag signaling that everybody is beautiful. Given Rexha’s passion for self-love and body image awareness, fans were not necessarily surprised to see this type of confidence from the singer.

The cut of the bathing suit, along with the angle of the shot, gave Rexha’s fans plenty to appreciate in terms of her curvy backside. She didn’t smooth out or reduce any of her curves and this natural version of the bold blond bombshell was an immediate hit.

Bebe has 9.8 million followers and this booty-based snap had about 220,000 likes in a mere 20 minutes. More than 2,670 people commented in that same timeframe and it was almost all love for Rexha.

“Yesssss finally something real,” declared one big fan of Rexha’s.

“You’re so pretty and real [heart emoji] inspiration!!” remarked another appreciative follower.

“The most perfect woman from all over the world,” exclaimed someone else who loved this look of Bebe’s.

Rexha has been open in the past about struggles she has navigated in terms of body image and pressure from the world around her. When one person told Bebe in a recent comment that she needed to lose weight, she wasted no time in clapping back and putting that person in their place.

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Given how quickly people are noticing this new post of Rexha’s, and the boldness of the image itself, it seems likely that Bebe will get some comments from critical followers. However, it also seems virtually guaranteed that she will show little to no tolerance for anyone trying to body shame her.

Fans are loving this confident, bold, and passionate version of Bebe Rexha. While she’s never exactly been a wallflower, the issues she’s faced in the past year or so in terms of body shamers have clearly strengthened her resolve and inspired her to be vocal in helping others do the same.