Jordyn Woods Lets It All Hang Out In Chain Bikini Top Cleopatra Halloween Costume

Jordyn Woods showed off in her Halloween costume this week. The model stunned her Instagram followers with her latest update, where she dressed as Cleopatra in a very revealing costume, which included a chain bikini top.

Jordyn achieved bombshell status with her racy Halloween ensemble. She rocked the the gold chain top, which flaunted her ample cleavage, with a white skirt that boasted a thigh-high slit to showcase her lean legs.

Jordyn’s toned arms, flat tummy, and tiny waist were also on display as she added some gold cuff bracelets on her wrists, a sheer blue cape, and gold cuffs over her legs.

Jordyn’s long hair fell down her back. She also opted for a dramatic makeup look, which included long lashes, a smoky eye shadow, pink blush on her cheeks, a light pink lip, and gold jeweled elements under her eye. Jordyn added thick black eyeliner and some dangling earrings to complete the glam goddess look.

In the background of the video, a white robe hung behind Jordyn as she appeared to be shooting the clip in her bathroom.

Jordyn’s nearly 11 million followers seemed to be dazzled by the video. They watched the clip over 1.3 million times and left over 4,000 comments in the span of just six hours.

As many fans already know, Jordyn was best known for being Kylie Jenner’s best friend and sidekick. The model even appeared on reality TV alongside Kylie, but the pair had a falling out earlier this year after Jordyn allegedly hooked up with Tristan Thompson, the then-boyfriend and baby daddy of Kylie’s older sister, Khloe Kardashian.

Although Jordyn and Kylie are no longer friends, Jordyn hasn’t let that stop her from working hard on her career. She’s also reportedly looking for love, telling People Magazine that she’s currently unattached, but open to a relationship.

“I am single. It sounds cliché, but [I’m looking for] someone who is driven, someone who is passionate, someone that wants to be the best at what they do. Someone that is intelligent. I cannot stand not being able to have a conversation with someone. And that’s the case with a lot of these guys out here. They don’t know how to hold a conversation. I’m not trying to waste my time,” Jordyn said.

“[A] good sense of humor, some style would be nice. The list could go on, I’m not picky, but good skin, nice teeth,” Jordyn stated of her possible future partner.