Cosplay Queen Jessica Nigri Bares Cleavage And Underboob In ‘Pokemon’-Themed Bikinis

Halloween is just a few days away, and cosplay model Jessica Nigri is already celebrating in advance. The so-called “Queen of Cosplay” took to Instagram on Monday, sharing multiple updates that showed her rocking a pair of Pokemon-inspired bikinis that left little to the imagination.

Early on Monday, Jessica posted two separate updates on her Instagram — one photo set and one video where she was shot in a forest setting, wearing a yellow-and-black bikini that she teamed with a witch hat, a broom, and a pair of black boots for a Halloween vibe. As the model explained in the caption of the four-photo set, she was cosplaying as Pokemon character Mimikyu and wearing an outfit that she made herself, drawing inspiration from a variety of artists whom she duly credited. Both the photos and the video allowed Jessica to showcase her enviable cleavage and toned midsection in a variety of poses, all of which featured a purple smoke effect in the background.

The third Instagram update did not feature a smoke effect and didn’t show Jessica posing with her Mimikyu-themed broom. It did, however, turn the sex appeal up several notches, as the model revealed in the caption that she was wearing a “micro bikini” version of the costume she wore in the previous uploads. The smaller, skimpier design allowed Jessica to show considerably more skin, with the cut of the bikini top helping her flaunt a generous amount of underboob. Likewise, the bottoms were designed in such a way that they barely covered the cosplayer’s modesty, all while also flaunting even more of her shapely hips and thighs.

As of this writing, all three uploads have proven popular, with both photo shares getting more than 100,000 likes and the video racking up about 167,000 views. The numbers, however, indicate that the “micro bikini” update was an especially huge hit, as 126,000 followers hit the “like” button in the 13 hours since it was posted, with close to 950 taking to the comments section to shower Jessica with praise.

“Oh honey, please tell me there is lining between that burlap and your skin. I’m itching just thinking about it,” said one follower.

“If i would ever wear a mircobikini it would be this one, i love mimikyu so much,” a second fan commented, showing their love for both Jessica’s outfit and the character she was portraying.

It also seems that Jessica chose one of the best possible Pokemon characters to cosplay as for her pre-Halloween Instagram shares. According to The Verge, Mimikyu is “perfect” for the upcoming holiday because it is a ghost-type Pokemon, but apart from that, it is mainly a “sad creature who just wants to be loved,” a character that is best known for disguising itself as the far more popular and lovable Pikachu.