Stella Maxwell Flaunts Amazing Flexibility In Pink Biker Shorts

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Stella Maxwell shared a new Instagram video today, and it showed her flaunting her amazing flexibility. The clip was taken from afar, as Stella placed her legs against a patio railing. She held herself up with her arms, as she raised her left leg and pulled it over her head. The model completed a series of exercises that appeared to be inspired by yoga, and did so with an effortless ease. She wore her hair up in a casual top bun, as she rocked a dark sports bra and light pink biker shorts. There was an upbeat song in the backdrop, and you could see that it was a sunny day.

The video has been viewed more than 63,000 times so far. For whatever reason, Stella disabled the comments section of the post. But there’s no doubt that some of her fans found the clip to be mesmerizing.

Dedicated fans may not be surprised by Stella’s flexibility, however, as she’s previously posted similarly revealing clips. One such recent example was from late August when she showed herself completing not just a headstand, but also spreading her legs into the splits in the air. This clip was also taken outdoors on a patio, with green foliage visible behind her. And while the model completed the splits with no issue, she seemed to lose her balance a little bit at the end, as she joked about her “perfect dismount” in the captions.

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Werkin it out @katieweeomg ????

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Previously, Stella opened up to Shape about her decision to pursue yoga.

“I was looking for a different type of exercise that would soothe my body and work with my flexibility. My friend was doing yoga so I thought yeah, sure, I’ll give it a go with you. And I really enjoyed it! I find it both stimulating and calming if that makes sense,” she explained.

“In years past, I had yoga videos on my phone that I’d play and follow along with when I was traveling for the show. I always come out of yoga in a much better headspace and it helps me be more focused walking down the runway,” added Stella.

It looks like the model is keeping up with her yoga practice, and only time will tell whether she will continue to share her accomplishments with her fans. At the very least, it looks like Stella is sharing a good number of posts and stories to keep her fans updated.

For now, those that can’t seem to get enough of this Victoria’s Secret stunner can check out a prior update where she showed off her body in a teddy with chest cut-outs.

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Perfect dismount ????????????

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