'The Walking Dead' Season 10: A Tree Falls On Hilltop, Leading To Speculation The Whisperers Were Involved

SPOILER ALERT: This article discusses Episode 4 (titled "Silence the Whisperers") of AMC's The Walking Dead Season 10. Please proceed with caution if you have not yet viewed this episode and wish to avoid spoilers.

In the latest episode of AMC's The Walking Dead, a massive tree fell on one of the walls surrounding Hilltop. This not only caused serious injuries to residents but the breach led to the arrival of walkers. As a result of a large number of walkers turning up, some people suspected that the Whisperers were behind the attack.

According to The Walking Dead's showrunner, Angela Kang, there could be a variety of reasons for the tree falling so suddenly.

"I don't want to give away the answer to that right now," Kang told Entertainment Weekly when asked about the recent disaster in Episode 4 of The Walking Dead Season 10.

"But what we're playing in this episode and the previous episode is the way that regardless of whether it was just the tree was dying and it was its time to fall down, or there was a wind storm or whatever, or if it was sabotage."
As previously reported by The Inquisitr, there has been the growing specter of fear and paranoia growing within the communities thanks to the Whisperers. This means that for those residing at Hilltop, many automatically assumed that the Whisperers were involved. However, the occurrence might just be a natural phenomenon. If this is the case and residents of Hilltop get more riled up regarding the Whisperers, further devastation could occur.

Nadia Hilker stars as Magna, as seen in Episode 4 of AMC's 'The Walking Dead' Season 10
AMC | Gene Page

The Whisperers previously attacked with deadly intent in Season 9 of The Walking Dead and killed select members of the community. Ten members were killed in total and their heads were placed on spikes that designated the borders between the Whisperers and everyone else. The leader of the Whisperers warned that if people were to cross over into her territory, there would be dire consequences. She also suggested that hordes of walkers could be involved, leading to the assumption in the latest episode that the Whisperers had sent in the walkers in order to cause further devastation.

Siddiq (Avi Nash) was the only surviving member of the group abducted by the Whisperers and he has since returned to the group and told them of what happened. In Season 10 of The Walking Dead, he is suffering fairly significantly as a result of his ordeal, to the point that some fans wonder if perhaps he was forced to do something horrendous during his kidnapping.

Of course, viewers will just have to tune in to future episodes of The Walking Dead in order to find out more about the fallen tree and whether or not the Whisperers were involved.

Season 10 of The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Sunday, November 3, with Episode 5, titled "What It Always Is."