Kelly Ripa Fools Her Fans Who Saw A Portrait Of 'The Addams Family' Halloween Extravaganza Set To Air On 'Live

Kelly Ripa isn't content to just put on one Halloween costume at a time. In her most recent Instagram post, it appears as if she managed to do double duty for the Live! With Kelly and Ryan reenactment of The Addams Family gathering which was pre-taped for the upcoming holiday.

These spooky portrayals are "altogether ooky," just like the originals from the 1960s. Michael Gelman was cast as Lurch, Kelly's husband and frequent Live! co-host Mark Consuelos was cast as Gomez Addams, Art Moore was cast as Uncle Fester, and Ryan Seacrest was cast as Pugsley Addams.

As for Kelly? She played a dual role in this very accurate scene based on the TV show credits as both Morticia Addams and her daughter, Wednesday. How she managed to appear in the family portrait as these two characters in the same picture is probably a secret that may or may not be revealed when the Live! Halloween episode airs on Thursday.

Meanwhile, many of Kelly's 2.5 million Instagram followers tried to guess how the show's co-host pulled off what seemed to some to be truly impossible. Many weighed in by stating that Kelly's daughter Lola was playing one part or the other. In fact, so many social media users guessed that Lola was part of the bit that Kelly actually popped up on the post in the comments section to say what was really happening.

"What is going on? They're both me," the talk show maven explained, adding three laughing-crying face emoji to show how much she enjoyed the confusion.

"I was thinking both were Kelly. lol Lola's mannerisms are sometimes like Kelly. Is chewie cousin it?" guessed another one of the 50-year-old star's fans, who also added three laughing-crying face emoji to her comment.

"You can tell by the eyebrows they are both you! I think this is such a great Halloween family preview! Bravo to you all!" gushed another enthusiastic admirer.

This was not Kelly's first endeavor for entering the world of the Addams family as she played Morticia another time while on television. In 2012, she channeled the elegant yet creepy Addams family matriarch when she emceed the TV Land Awards' Anniversary Special, according to People.

However, that reenactment didn't begin to rival this year's version of the lady in black in terms of detail and attitude. This year, Kelly even included the requisite rose Morticia typically held and she also rocked extremely pale skin, also a main Morticia trademark.

Watch Live! With Kelly and Ryan on Halloween morning to see these costumes and a whole bunch more since Kelly Ripa said that, in total, she will be wearing 40 different disguises for the holiday this year.