Sailor Brinkley-Cook Stuns In Snakeskin Mini Dress While Posing On An Open-Top Jeep

Sailor Brinkley-Cook looked stunning as she posed for a fall-appropriate Instagram update today. The former Dancing with the Stars contestant was seen in a field overlooking a lake in a photo that had a country feel.

Sailor was posing on an open-top Jeep as she showcased a summery outfit that flattered her slender frame. She was wearing a gorgeous snakeskin mini dress with long sleeves. Despite its reptile-print material, the dress wasn’t particularly racy, although the thigh-skimming design flaunted Sailor’s great legs, its v-shaped neckline also accentuating the feminine feel of the dress. Sailor paired her dress with black boots rising to her knees, with most of the boots falling out of frame. The blonde was looking wistful as she gazed into the distance, and while her caption was brief, it did mention that Sailor was a big fan of the autumn season.

Sailor was rocking a natural look. Her long blond hair was worn down and parted in the middle as she wore minimal cosmetics. In fact, it was almost like she wasn’t wearing any makeup. Sailor sat on the bars of the buggy-like vehicle with her upper half elevated above it and both hands resting on the vehicle’s frame.

Sailor doesn’t have a huge Instagram following, but her fans do pay attention to her updates. This one managed to rack up over 1,400 likes in under 50 minutes, with the same timeframe bringing in over 20 fan comments.

“Great shot!!!!” one fan wrote.

“Love love love,” another added.

“So pretty! Definitely my favorite!” a third admirer exclaimed, before adding a leaf emoji.

Sailor took some time to promote one particular brand in the caption attached to today’s share, mentioning 1.STATE clothing.

Buzz around Christie Brinkley-Cook’s daughter intensified from the moment that Sailor replaced her mother on Dancing with the Stars. Sailor’s appearances on the series proved popular, although she has now been eliminated. Sailor has since reflected on her experience, detailing it in a recent interview.

“The day before the show, I had a full panic attack and I was hyperventilating and I did not feel like I could do it. I was really freaking out,” she said, as Woman’s Day reports.

Sailor also admitted that stepping out on stage was terrifying for her.

“I’ve had stage fright my entire life and it was something that definitely held me back,” she said. “I would sign up for school plays, I would try to be in chorus class, and I would always back out last minute even though rehearsals were going great. I was just so scared of getting up there and baring myself to the world.”